Google Increase Market Share in Q2

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Google Posts Record Number of Searches in Q2
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According to the EcommerceTimes Google have posted a record number of Searches for Q2 this year, moving from 35.9% of all US searches to 37.6% That equates to about 5.65bn US searches

While Google's market share increased from the first quarter, when it was 35.9 percent -- as did Ask Jeeves' share, which climbed from 5.3 percent, and AOL's, which jumped from 9.1 percent -- Yahoo's share dropped from 31.2 percent and MSN's from 16.3 percent.

thanks Jason!


What constitutes a search?

Those #'s are as useful as "hits". Is the next button a search? A refined query?

Just anecdotal and specific to me but I'm doing a lot more refining than I used to do. What used to take one search now takes two or three refinements. I'd be careful in using those #'s to define market share. They could just mean less than stellar SERPs.

good questions hardball

- i've been looking through the comScore site, and they don't even tell if the share is based on pageviews, unique panelists, or sessions (or something else entirely)

Their "Methodology" section is very vague, as is the "technology" chapter. It does not mention specifics, only general stuff.

Added: There's a little more information in this SEW article. It seems like it's "conducted searches", but:

1) This is not totally clear
2) Neither is it totally clear what, exactly, constitutes a "conducted search"
3) This third-party information is not confirmed on the comScore site
4) It seems like the original product mentioned in the SEW article ("qSearch") has been discontinued

I agree ... I'm having to

Interestingly the article goes into some detail on projected query growth, which seem to be trending down. Vertical search on the rise?

One of the obvious implications is that Google is fumbling

I know I usually have to run more queries on Google to find what I am looking for than I do on Yahoo! or MSN.

I still use all three because of the disparity in databases. What would be more meaningful would be a measurement of number of users of search engines combined with number of queries (queries per user or queries per session).

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