Yahoo! Dishing Out Free Travel Directory Listings

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How to Get into Yahoo! Directory Without Paying $300
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If you travel sites, you might like to know that you can get listed for free in Yahoo's FairChase - Just email


Delayed at the Gate

I sent my email here's the response, looks like they aren't ready for anybody but the big boys yet

Thank you very much for taking the time to email us regarding the FareChase/Yahoo! product. In order to appear in Yahoo!/FareChase we would need to work with you to build what we call a 'data retriever' which is capable of searching your website, retrieving rates and availability in real time and escorting our users through the booking process on your site. Unfortunately, for right now, while we are still in Beta we are not going to be building any new data retrievers unless the inventory is absolutely necessary to the product comprehensiveness. I'm happy to keep your contact information on hand though and get back in touch with you when we start working on our data retriever queue. Thanks very much for your interest in our product and for your patience.

say what?

Surely they can't be planning on a new schema for every feed?

if they want to tell me what their 'data retriever' wants I'm willing to give them whatever format they need :)

Only list Hotels, Cars and Flights?

Or any travel related site?

any travel related site..NO

This is a booking service, aiming (aren't they all) at getting the punter the lowest price. They are not apparently interested in tourest sites per se.

Therefore they only want

1. Sites that are quoting prices like hotels, cars, flights

2. I suspect only "horses mouth" sites, ie those that are the original source of the price.
So in the case of hotels, I believe they only want "top level" sites like Expedia, Travelocity, HotelClub, etc. Under the contract that individual hotels have with these top level sites, they have to (normally, at least for independent hotels) guarantee that the hotel will not make any lower prices available to other operators, or indeed offer them themselves

On that basis this lot are unlikely to be looking for individual hotels. I guess they would look at groups, eg Holiday Inn, or large consortiums, eg Best Western. But will probably draw the line at this stage at small groups or consortiums.

And by the same token top level car rentals and airfare sites.

Having looked at FairChase's web site, I must say I decided it was not woth the candle emailing


but the way things are at the moment clients want their feeds going to everywhere with a reasonable commission agreement. Although I'm sure I'll fall foul of the 'based in the UK rule' somewhere along the line....

FareChase have some authority

for some US specific travel terms. One of those keeping up with the Joneses things, I guess, once one of the big boys has the link, everyone will want it....

>> In order to appear in Yahoo!/FareChase we would need to work with you

What are they charging?

>> Surely they can't be planning on a new schema for every feed?

Probably have to. I've seen it from the other side and data issues are a major headache

Seems it hardly can be

Seems it hardly can be categorzied as a free category listing anymore? :P

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