Google to Develop Podcast Search?

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Google producing a podcasting search engine?
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Ben Metcalfe spots an interesting job posting from Google. Could be a bunch of other things though aswell Ben...


Big Stretch

I don't know about that... even if Google had an army of people transcribing podcasts by hand (which seems silly) they would never be able to meet the bulk of the demand. My assumption is that this position is leaning more towards secretarial (a recorder is placed inside of a meeting, the contents of which are transcribed later and put on the Intranet).

Tech Talk Transcriber

Google has several tech talks a month where they invite people from all kind of areas, even politics (Al Gore was there I believe). Making these speeches searchable in their intranet just makes complete sense imho. Everything else is pure speculation imho.


Why not just buy Blinkx? They've even got RSS figured out.

directories are better

This is one area where directories are better than search.


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