Monday Morning Sex, Football & SEO

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Interview of NFFC, Sexy SEO God
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Aaron Wall (SEOBook) interviews NFFC, a man who needs a very good memory when it comes to football.


On leaving SEO Services "I

On leaving SEO Services

"I snagged a client, charged them $25,000 up front and did the work in a week. Boy did I think I was one smart cookie. By the years end they had done $5 million worth of business off that work, at that point I felt kinda dumb!"

Nice interview!

Interview was top notch

Interview was top notch. Nice feature of the site. See if you can prod these guys to give up some of the secrets they're not spilling in the forums.

BTW, anybody else seeing the "Corey Rudl dies at ags 34" AdSense ad showing up on this page that's being used to sell a competing biz-op program. Creative marketing, I guess, but a bit morbid.

Never a truer word said

Having said that I have yet to meet a good SEO who cares about the money, the thrill is in the fight and the best fights are usually in the most competitive keyword spaces

When you lose the thrill of the fight.. you end up arguing your point on forums for all the wrong reasons.. :)


My favourite line

Numbers, math and formulas are for people not smart enough to think in concepts.

Every bit was wonderful, but as someone who is better with words than numbers, that was my favourite quote in the whole interview. :-)

Thanks NFFC and Aaron!

Gold Star

Great interview Aaron. Good answers NFFC. It sorta restored my faith that the web might still be worth something.

NFFC is killer

be sure to link up, I want to see if we can get the NFFC page to rank #1 for "sexy SEO". page has already got a number of links, but most people have been forgetting the "sexy" in the anchor text.


I am thinking of making a number of changes based on that interview & DaveN's.

:) That was a good

:) That was a good interview. Made me rethink a lot of things. fair!

Where's the sex part? Got me all excited to read it, and then nuthin about Monday morning sex! :(

I had no idea that NFFC was the one to blame for the naming of updates. Interesting to find that out!

Numbers, math and formulas

Numbers, math and formulas are for people not smart enough to think in concepts.

I like that aswell, i've taken to decribing myself as "not a real seo" cos i don't do any of the number crunching a lot of folks do. That makes me a feel a bit better heh...


I call myself "not a real seo" cos I am crap at it ;O)

what the hell is SEO? I

what the hell is SEO? I thought this was a usability blog.

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