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New for You: Two Search/Tech Blogs
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SearchViews alerts us to a new Corante blog, Rebuilding Media. To say the the inaugural post is inspirational would be an understatement...

If you're interested in the change from old to new media, not necessarily what we currently think of as new media, then it's well worth a subscription to the feed


Good stuff

I think for me the biggest change needed is as they say "on demand" or as is sometimes called "timeshifting". People want their stuff when and how they want it. I think this explains Tivo, DVD and downloads/streaming (eg. podcasts).

can't comment on their blog

Their comment feature doesn't seem to work, so I'll post here:
Interesting topic for a new blog.

When they speak about "media" it would be helpful if they could distinguish between "mass media" and "niche media". Both for TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines ("old media") as well as for web sites, blogs, podcasts, mobile ("new media").

The general tendencies (or "trends") are not the same for those two groups.

In general, niche media are in growth while mass media are on a decline. This parallels the development eg. in popular music - you don't really have your Elvis' and Beatles' anymore as fragmentation of audiences increase.

Similarly, media consumption is fragmenting in the sense that "one size fits all" media ("mass media") is no longer adequate for all people at all times.

Just a few quick thoughts.


Agreed - eg. Long Tail

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