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Iron for Drupal
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Here's a story to warm your cold black hearts. Over the weekend, slashdot reported that my favorite CMS, Drupal.org (which powers this site running version 4.nick) needed a new home. It was suffering complete server meltdown. Sun's Tim Bray read the story, and sorted them out within 48hrs with a server that could probably "simulate galaxies in the background" :)

Drupal has a problem, the community notices, Slashdot broadcasts, we help them out, a nice piece of infrastructure is strengthened, the tide rises and all our boats float a little higher. Is this a great business to be in or what?

Kudos and thanks should also go to Open Source Lab at Oregon State Uni for fronting up the rack space, bandwidth, power, backup facilities and on-site support.

What a nice story...


So I guess the don't need my donation now?

I'm very glad to hear they got a server. I just looked and it appears they are back up and running. Now if they will just be a bit more responsive to tech support questions, I'll be a happy camper.

I really like drupal's CMS. Thanks for recommending it to me Nick! ;-)


>I really like drupal's CMS

Me too.

Thanks to Nick, I'm hoping to have a monster on my hands soon.

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