Will Paying Editors Eliminate the DMOZ Effect?

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Zenome, A New Human-Edited Web Directory
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By DMOZ Effect i mean "initially well intentioned project, become an outdated spam riddled pile of stinking filth", or something like that... Gary comments a newspaper piece that tells the story of Zenome: Like the ODP, but they pay their editors a share of the ad revenue from their sub categories.

In an attempt to avoid some of these problems, the founders of Zenome (whose name came from the idea of indexing the digital genome, like the Human Genome Project did for DNA) decided to pay editors to review and approve links.

Doesn't sound like a bad experiment at all, though what makes them think that if it scales to the size of DMOZ it won't suffer the same problems just because they're paying corrupt editors eh? heh..



perhaps the rationale is that if the editor is already getting paid for the time they invest in tending their category, they'll be less likely to sniff around for "alternative" means of compensation.

IMO that may work in the beginning, but if the directory gets some serious search engine mojo going for it, the old payola system won't be trailing far behind.

Cannot see why..

..it should be any less corrupt than DMOZ is at the moment.

And with, as far as I can tell, only one editor allowed per category, is likely to be more corrupt.


>less corrupt than DMOZ

Inept is nearer the mark.

payola in dmoz is new?

payola in dmoz is new?

Maybe a portent of what is to come..

..there is only one site indexed in the whole of the category "Regional" and that is for the "World Bank".

Based on performance...

Performance based pay for quality only... haha not in this life


If you got professional people running it with QA routines, then it should work just fine.

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