Introduce Yourself Part 4

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Welcome to Threadwatch, if you've not said hi, please do so here. We've been through 3 of these threads (1, 2, 3) already and they're still my favorite.

Tell us what you do, drop your website url if applicable but please don't go mad on self promo :)

If you have any questions, just use the 'privmsg' link above. You can usually get a reply from me within a few hours most days.

Thanks and enjoy!



Thought I'd say hello from my drab little town in the South East of the UK (Exmouth to be precise). I'm Pete, I work at a Web Design/SEO company, currently doing Web Development, though I hope to move further into SEO in the future as it's always been my major interest. Not much to my name, just a small network of various websites, most of which are currently down. Heh :o)

hello from clickfacts labaratories

Hi all, this is the nick for ClickFacts - - we produce a click fraud solution detection system.


Lurkin for a while now, I'm on the way to change my low profile. I'm teaching Web developers the basics of SEO, as far as I understand SEO myself, while introducing them to 4GL, n-tier architectures, database design and alike.

Hey up

Hi all,

I'm a northerner (north UK that is...) working in a London web sweat shop :)
My role includes a good dollop of SEO.


I have been subscribed to the RSS feed here for about a month. Very useful info.


Hi people, I'm Davilac, I am from Spain and I'm a student of the UPC. I have some webs, and now my favourite web of mine is, with a blog, forum directories and SEO things.

HIat the osage page

Tom Lamm from Osage Enterprises

I evolved into web marketing after many years of desktop app and internet app programming. Examples of the programming side are on the website. I found that building cool web applications doesn't matter if you do not market. So, I've been learning a lot about internet marketing.


Well, recently left the military, kind of debating what to do with my life now. Not sure what else there is to say.

Hi from WebMarketWeek

Hi, I'm new here to treadwatch. I run a couple of sites, like and the last site is the latest project. WebMarketWeek is a website about webmaster articles to improve search engine rankings.

Hello from Eric Giguere

My name is Eric Giguere (pronounced jeeg-air) and I'm the author of the recently published (print) book Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program, so my interest in AdSense and SEO-related matters should be obvious! (The book, by the way, is written for a non-technical audience and doesn't purport in any way to be an "AdSense secrets" book. The non-techies who buy it are generally quite happy with it, but I've gotten mixed reviews from techies about it... Unfortunately, I can't please everyone!)

While writing is a passion, I work full-time as a software developer for iAnywhere Solutions. You can read all the gory details on my personal site.

Nice to meet you all!

Thanks for the opportunity

I was doing some research for a business case and came across this site. Great info and I look forward to reading more.

hello friends

Been a long time lurker on TW, just realized that I've never actually logged in to say hi on these boards. I'm currently working at one of the top affiliate networks, but also run a few sites like Napoleon at Home.

I met many of you in New Orleans recently, thanks for the hand grenades. :-)

Brian C.

Hi from Tal

Hi, I am Tal. I have been reading for a while and I thought it is about time to say something. My site is about search engine optimization, marketing, and other related subjects. However, it more like a hobby or experiment to me and less of a way of making money. I learned a lot here and I hope I will contribute something as well.

Hello from Valley Forge

Took a chance five years ago on developing an idea to gather all food and wine related events to ONE place.
Local Wine ( born.
Quit my day job and haven'tlooked back.
Only recently found my way to this site and i'm trying to catch up.
Thanks to all for the great information.


its about time I will log in...

Doing Search Marketing and Intenret Consulting for a while now, mostly to large corporates in Israel.
...never had the time to take care of our web site :-(
so its a bit poor.
all our clients came from word of month and personal recommendations.



The usual case - been reading TW RSS for a while (and found it a rather valuable source of information and inspiration), and decided to register after all for some reason unknown even to me (after reading the interview with NickW by Aaron Wall, by the way).

Nothing much to say about me - not even a website to have a look at ;) Currently just reading a lot and gathering info and ideas.

Won't be the newest memberlong; but I'll always be the sexiest

Thats right. I finally joined. The man the myth the legend... web professor.

You can bask in the glory of my large brain while i am here.

Hello from Megri

I am team member of and and into seo and web services activities

Hi from Illinois

Hi everyone, just joined and I'm looking forward to participating in this community. My tech skills are pretty basic; a solid understanding of HTML and CSS, a little PHP, and a smattering knowledge of a few other technologies. I'm expecting to learn a lot more than I can teach here, but hopefully I'll be able to make some useful contributions from time to time anyway!

BTW, I'm in Central Illinois, 24 years old, use Firefox exclusively, ride my bike for exercise, and read my RSS feeds using Sage. No doubt I could come up with some more equally-fascinating details about myself, but it would all be pretty boring to read. ;)


Hello..I'm japanese...
I'm sorry, I can't write Engish

Welcome Welcome104!

You write great English!


You're doing a fine job...I'm sure most of us can't write Japanes!

Hello, from the Enigma e-business team.

Hi to everyone in the forum. We are a web design, e-business application service provider (ASP) and general computer consultancy firm based in Barrow-in-furness in Cumbria, UK.

Our technical advisors actively participate in a number of forums including this one and provide direct Q-and-A via Wondir.

You can find our website at where you can find out all about us.

Howdeee from Canada

Great site you've got here. I'm a member over at you-know, where I cut my teeth :) but I've also made this site part of my daily informational cruise - thanks for summarizing all this stuff so I don't have to.

I'm a web host moving rapidly into SEO (fewer $4/month customers). Focused on the insurance niche.


I currently am working on building website traffic for my new blog, about affiliate marketing. The blog also has news, which I am attempting to keep current.


I am the creator of Splog Reporter as well as the blogger behind Somewhat Frank. I have been creating and developing online applications for over five years and hold a Bachelors and a Masters degree in CIS from Purdue University and Northwestern University respectively.


As co-owner of a webdesign firm in the netherlads i want to say hi; so hi!
With my company,, we strive to build websites and are therefore also trying to keep up with the news, so that's why i'm here.


Hello from Sunny Phoenix

Great site - great resource. As a journeyman web retailer but hobbyist SEO there are a lot of interesting nooks and crannies here. IMHO, this is just what the web was built for!


Registered to post a comment.

Not seen much of this site yet, but hopefully I'll learn some SEO techniques to get more people to my website, 500 hits in two years is rather poor me thinks.

Here mainly to read and make the occassional comment.

Kind Hello

Nick forced me to join last night over a T-bone, what he didn't tell me was that I should intorduce my self, but here we go with a nice hello for the record...

hehe! lovely :)

hehe! lovely :)

God Bless The Internet

Just reading someones blog (Todds at and he pointed me to this site (well he didnt a link did)...anyway I've been online since '96 and working 'officially' on the web since 2000. I love SEO, design and development (ranked in order) and should hopefully be working for myself by the end of this year!! Gulp!! I don't have a blog as I'm crap at keeping them up-to-date ;O)...but I love posting. Fav sites are SearchEngineWatch, HighRankings and the BBC...all have great rss feeds btw!!

...what did we do before the Internet? (Great story on about 10 year history of web)




I like ice cream, but it doesnt like me. Hello all!

Oh my heck!

Well, that's what they say here in Utah...

Although I've read many fine articles here I've never been one to post comments, but NickW's thread about Google's "Dear John" emails got me active. I'll be posting there after I finish this greeting :-)

As for who I am, personal life I'm an artist, mother and wife living in a brown/blue state...brown on the ground but sunny blue skies most every day.

In my professional life, my newest title is Technical Evangelist for where I spend my days making sure as many people as possible learn about our software's powerful data mining functions for auction research. You'll find me posting in eBay's many forums as Hoorayforhammertap, where I offer advice to those hoping to improve their auction success rates. I'll be posting in many auction-based forums as SisterSledge. I've been employed by the makers of HammerTap software, for alomst three years, having moved through the ranks of tech support and then marketing, where I've become Marketing Director for Bright Builders as well as Technical Evangelist for HammerTap. I still keep my fingers in the SEO pie whenever possible as I feel it's a very rewarding experience to help people improve their website's opportunities.

Well, that's way more than I intended to say...I sure hope words come this easy when I start posting regularly to our new blogs - HammerTap Happenings and Auctionography - BTW, we're using Nucleus for our blog (it's open source and really great)

G'day from Queensland

I've just joined and thought I had better say hello to everyone. I'm Stuart and my partner is Toni and we run a small online business providing written work for Webmasters.

I could even say that we provide text solutions for small business operators who are involved in e-commerce but I prefer to be blunt.

We write - we love it - we're passionate about it.



Afternoon everyone. I was recommended to join this forum by Jess Luthi as apparently all the best SEO's "hang out" here.

I'm currently the internet marketing manager at Field & Trek which involves Affiliate Management, SEO (!), PPC and all the other general tasks.

Look forward to reading and contributing to the forum.


I've been subscribing to the feed for a while now, and finally registered out of a desperate need to reply to the topic about Googlebombing

I'm a university student at Ottawa U, in Physics-Math. I like programming and photography.

In good company

Hi Nick! I just read your interview with Aaron Wall and it sounds like you've got a great community here... so I figured I'd join you and keep myself up to date in SEO happenings. Best regards,

Jess says a huge hello and is waving at all of you!

Affiliate Marketing is my chosen obsession and my aspiration in life is to be referred to as a geek, then I know I have made it :0) I have to be honest here, SEO is not my strong point which is why I am here to learn and to hopefully share and contribute in any way that I can. Hopefully I won’t have too many stupid questions, be gentle with me :0)

Jess :0)


Time to stop lurking and start posting. I'm a systems administrator and web developer, and full-time geek. I manage Macs, PC's, networks, servers, etc.

Howdy howdy howdy.

Hi There from Boston!

I'm a webmaster in Boston who works for a high-tech law firm. I run a bunch of sites for my firm and I've started a few blogs of my own. My personal blog is and my two main blogs are and
They're starting to pick up some steam, and I'm hoping to get to a point where I can have a nice little extra pocket change. Thanks for the opportunity to post here!

Ahoy, ahoy

Hey all... I'm not quite perfectly in place here (I'm a journalist who got into PR which turned into online PR which turned into copywriting with a strong bent towards SEO). So I have done a lot of reading here, which has helped a *lot*.

Hi there

My name's Phil

I only ever do SEO for my own sites, not professionally, though I'm very competent doing with SEO aspects of running a forum if anyone ever needs a hand

Launched a forum yesterday (I won't link-drop, it's in my profile if you care) aimed at discussing trends, present and future, in society; and how to harness those trends. Since forums are unlikely sources of income, this is just a hobby for me, I'm a biochemistry undergraduate at Oxford with a newly discovered passion for the psychology behind marketing! I hope to take the Cre8asite approach of quality over quantity. I'm experimenting with a heavily thinned-out and reworded Invision board, to see how accessible I can make it to people that have never posted on a forum before... time will tell!

Nice to meet you all!



Adam here in the U.S. Artist and soon to be opening some websites.

Hello everybody

Hello everybody :)

I have been around the web for almost 10 years now and own/operate numerous websites in various fields of interest, but primarily technology/programming-related sites.

Anyway, the short bio is I've been self-employed since 1994 and own two completely different businesses, one online and one offline, a brick and mortar shop that services two states.

URLs? Just Google my name if you are really curious, I'd break Nick's request of not becoming too promotional if I got started with those.

Somehow I thought I'd registered for this site before because I'm signing up for sites all the time, but I noticed that my name wasn't taken, so here I am. It's like 4am here and I probably should be asleep, but I'm at threadwatch instead ;)

A few folks have linked to one of our blogs in the past here (including you, Nick, but you didn't remember my name in a recent post, so hello) and I wanted to thank you for the linkage.

I've linked threadwatch as well in the past as there hav been some interesting threads and commentary in the past, and I'm sure will be continue into the future.

Our offices and home are 95% VoIP active. I drive a 2005 OnStar equipped vehicle, watch TV through the internet via Slingbox (or HDTV), am platform agnostic (we own Mac, Linux and Windows powered PCs, Pocket PC, Tablet PC, Palm, etc), play Xbox (two xbox live accounts, two xboxes), PS2, Gamecube, DS, PSP, etc (I'm a video game collector of sorts and have systems dating back to the Atari 2600) ... true geeks don't choose sides, do they?

I don't know how much I'll actually participate here, but whatever threads I do get involved with I'll try and do my best to see them through. Checked the option to subscribe to feeds I post in so that should help keep me on track.

Lastly, I tend to write longer posts/comments. So for those who didn't die of boredom before getting this far, I'll leave you with one of my favorite sayings:

Happy coding to you!

I guess it was about time that I would comment here

Life should be simple between The Brit Pack with their associated conspirators, Ian Dury and Threadwatch, shouldn't it.

Web Standards, CSS, XHTML, Accessibility, Usability, Elementary Group Theory and Unstandardistas.

That's simple.

Hello all

I've been lurking here for a while, but never felt the need to post.

However, after 18 months out of SEO/PPC I'm been lured back in.

Still fairly green having learnt alot from WMW when I started 3+ years ago, but I've landed myself a nice easy market to optimise for... erm, online gambling.

Been to one WMW PubCon where I may have met a few of you, and I recognise a few nicks on here.

Working for a big traditional bookmaker in Leeds and enjoying the challenge!


Was lurking around for quite a while already, thought I'd register in case I have to share my 2 cents. Don't think there's much need ot talk much about myself as people from SEOChat and some other places - of whome I see loads on here - know me.

Greetings from the REAL Fester...

Hello all. Glad to be here. Nick and co., I love what you offer... real thoughts and insight, not usual press crap.

Although I sometimes disagree with what is said here, I get up-to-date info on the things Google is doing to take over the world. I can then provide a different perspective on my blog: www.IsGoogleEvil?com.

I do internet stuff from a small log cabin in the woods north of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Hopefully, they won't find me here...

Oh yeah...

Google is Big-Brother. Really.


Good to be here

Been reading here for a considerable time. Thought it was time to sign up.

I'm a web developer (PHP preferred) who works with companies to not only get the functionality they desire, but to do so in an SEO friendly manner.

I moderate on - a unique community which I still think is the most outstanding when it comes to making good web sites, marketing them, and playing well in the search engines.

Hi folks

Hello everyone :-) Been lurking for a few months - and hopefully learning something.


Hello from Big Fish

I thought it was time to finally introduce myself. I'm a great fan of TW and have been reading it for some time now.

I've been performing seo for about 7 yrs, mostly for companies I've worked for and my own small businesses. I recently started an internet marketing business in rhode island.

Hi all

Hi everyone, I'm a freelance photographer from Skegness UK. Hope I'm not expected to contribute any expert opinions as I'm still a newbie, but I like optimising my site, find optimisation surprisingly addictive, and look forward to reading the posts.


Hi all. My name's Rob. I'm employed as the online marketing bod for Juretic Media based in Brighton, UK.

Love the blog, Nick. I'm not so much of computer geek (I don't go mental when Updates occur) so it's nice to read a refreshingly honest slant on the online marketing industry.


Erm, well, my name is Rob, just like the geek above me, but I reside in The Netherlands instead of the UK.

Michael Pedone /

Hello! I am the owner of a search engine optimization compnay, We are located in Florida and have clients from London to California.


Hello - I'm a partly geriatric programmer (well 46 which seems to be too old for some) whos seen it all and whos amused to see it all again.
UK based

Hello to everyone...

Well, the voyuer in me just went nuts, and instead of just lurking
out of everyone's sight, I had to throw open my rain-coat and
reaveal all. If you look closely, you will notice that I have...
NO SEO. Good gosh, what did you think I was going to say???

Anything else, and I would have no reason to be here, yes?

My name is Patrick, and even though I hail from the land of
"Kanocks" (Canada), I am now greeting you from my home of Kansas,
USA. I own but am in the process
of building sites that are less commercial and more informative.
It is glaringly obvious how important SEO has become, no matter
what type of site, and I can use all the help possible. (Including,
should you be knowledgeable in such areas, starting a server from
a home unit...hint, hint).

I started programming when Basic was the big thing (HD meant Home
Delivery, no such animal as a Hard Drive)and have managed to get
worse from there. (Yes MadTom1999, add 10 years on to your bode, and
geriatric takes on a whole new meaning) Started graphics online in
1998 and have helped other businesses with their graphics, over the
years. Now it is time to learn how to put it all in place. Time to
let SEO mean something other than Somewhat Erratic Organization.

Love reading your posts, and will try to be a little more obvious
in the future.

howdy yall

I like long walks by the beach and holding hands and watching sunsets. I also like the internet -- a lot.


I'm one of your regular clickers...errmm I mean readers ;)

SEO-ing guerilla-style from the Philippines


About time

that I registered after lurking around for so long. I manage 50 or so domains for my own businesses and have learned most of what I know from the pros around here. I like the feel of this place - a bit more edgy than WW or SEW, although many of the same folks.

Looking for the old folks :)

Hey Nick, haven't seen you in a while. I've been finally pointed this way by another PubCon regular recently. Looks like this is where everybody is hanging out now!


Former Lurker

I have been a lurker for a while and decided to participate. In addition to having a number of personal web sites for fun and profit I am a webmaster at a large $4 billion dollar company.

Hello, from the Hurricane State formely the Sunshine State

New to the whole SEO game. Looking to learn more than I can teach. I have put together a small site Trying to get in on the projected holiday internet sales surge. Just now learning about link popularity,SEO,internet marketing etc. Looking forward to participating in this community and thanks in advance for the opportunity.


I would like to introduce myself. I have been known as jvastine online for over a decade now. I live in the central US and am an independent programmer & system developer. I primarily do custom work for small single owner businesses to mid-sized corporations for nearly 25 years now. Over the last few years I have been focused upon web development & am currently building my understanding of SEO. I have occassionally checked out the resources here, but now I hope to join in the dialog & take an active part in the community.


Clocking in for the first time...

I'm a SEO and Web Development Newb - Proudly South African :D

News spy shows himself

Also for me this is my first post here.

Mostly I lurk, seeking signal and filtering noise.

I go to TW because the ratio between them is quite good.

I am one of the founding partners of In Touch Media Group, which
is a publicly traded company here in the US. We have an SEM division and are a Google Qualified Adwords Company with, I think, 8 Adwords specialists now, but we also have an online publicity division, and a survey division, where we research to find out if a new concept or product will actually work in the marketplace.

My current job in our company is now R and D, so I am always trying to be on the cutting edge looking not just for the next big thing, but the next big thing that only a few people know about.

There are a few sites that I monitor fairly frequently and this is one of them.

I have been full time on the internet for many years now, and am interested in hooking up with some developers, especially php/mysql, which I think is going to take over the internet in the years to come. Its really amazing how you first think technology will make you lots of money, and then find out that really, its marketing.

Once you have the marketing though, and you know what people need, you actually have to come back to technology, because to promote something that is going to really work under fire, the technology has to be there and be stable.

The people at this site I consider to be the "technological elite", by which I mean some of the most plugged into what is happening on the internet but also what the latest little tidbits of news actually mean, and how they relate to the bigger picture of where things are going.


Hi All

Been reading TW for awhile and wanted to post a comment which lead to signing up.
I do a little of this and a little of that, all from home.
I have met some of you at SEO conferences in the past and look forward to meeting more:-)


Australia & Asian Training & Tools

Hey guys - heard good things about tw from a wmw pubcon(crawl - yes, all 4's ;o).

Last year in London 2006, then it's Australia and (hopefully) cracking the Asian negotiation & sales training markets in 2007 onwards. Particularly interested in chatting with those in Aus/Asia.

If you would like to exchange or even sell SEO tools, then pls make contact - busy building some and looking for more. Have Indian resources and am automating & gearing up...

Also creating some content portals - team building, sales, negotiation, hoping to create a professional content capacity in South Africa - unless someone has other ideas? (Indias officially off the map for this).

hi hi

white heat...the velvets ;-)

Hi from Pito Salas and BlogBridge

I'm with BlogBridge ( so I follow this stuff religiously. Also my personal blog is at

Glad to be here

Hi Nick, great job on this site. It's always a pleasure to log on.
My background is in writing and public relations. Suddenly last summer, I got the idea that many companies have a great opportunity to be published...on their own website. So I started exploring SEO.
I found your site through Aaron Wall, whose SEO book is great.
I'm currently working to promote the site Comments welcome.

Sue Grabbit and Runne Solicitors

UK lurking lawyer sick of the spew churning out from another (nameless!) forum's teenagers now migrated over here.
See I'm not alone....
Got quite a number of sites farming for personal injury compensation claims in the English speaking world which puts me one step down the social ladder from other lawyers, (real) estate agents, mass murderers and paedophiles.
Full time for 3 years, not so technical but I do just about earn a crust.



My nickname is Yahook. I'm adult webmaster. Have lots of adult sites, working in this busines more than 5 years.

This site looks very good, I hope I will get answers to my questions here and read lots of interesting info ;)


Just to say hi to everyone. Hope I can give my contribute.

Hi all

I'm Guillaume. I'm mostly interested in following the webgiants and am blogging about them at i've been keeping an eye on this site for about 6 months.


Been an avid lurker on this site for what feels yonks now.

Work for a newspaper publisher online - - and live and breathe all things web far too much.

Outing myself here under instructions from Eurotrash ;-)

Nice to meet you all.


Hi all

Trying to be a better netizen by participating more, lurking less.

I'm a search engine marketer, I started out working at MSN Search and hopped the fence when I left Microsoft. I try to promote the idea that good usability equals good search engine exposure.

See you all at the conferences!

Kyne Search Engine Marketing

Howdy from south of the Mason-Dixon line

Been an avid reader of Threadwatch for a while, thought it was only logical for me to join. My main SEO hobby site is Atlanta Walkabout, which is kindof a grass-roots free yellow page directory for local ATL companies. I also run a bed and breakfast directory, Planet BnB, which offers inn owners a free resource to promote their inns online.

I am a co-owner of Bidera

I am a co-owner of Bidera Auctions a general purpose auction site. Just couldn't stand still when eBay announced with great fanfare their RSS feeds when other sites including mine had been using this for a long (that is over a year in our case) time.

Anyways, have to say I have been addicted to Fark more than any other site, hopefully I can expand my lurking/posting habits a bit..

Hi there!

I'm the new Project Manager for, an SEO firm out of Seattle. I may post, I may lurk... for now I want to get a real beat on the industry, and this seems a good place to do it. Nice to meet you all!


I am spending far too much time in front of computer!

Thought I'd quickly say g'day. I'm co-owner of The Found Agency, an Australian pure-play SEM firm. Been in this game on-and-off since 1999, so I guess I'm a little overdue with my introduction. As you can probably guess from my handle, I'm a fan of riding waves in the ocean. Cheers.

I'm New

I just started an Internet Marketing blog on MySpace and thought I could particiate here as well. I'm old to Internet marketing buy new to blogging so bare with me. I always love feedback (bad feedback sucks but it's a good developmental thing or something) so drop me a line if you like.

Hey !

Hi everybody,

My name is Carl P. Abran, CEO of aliasGo, a SEO & SEM entreprise from Montreal, Quebec (right in the middle of Canada !).

Of course, our services include le référencement technique - organique (SEO) and le référencement payant (SEM). More, we offer training for webmasters and WebSite managers. In a short future, We are looking to be able to help our clients with their Viral Marketing campains.

I'm new to this site, since most of my regular readings about SEO-SEM are in french - we find much enough information in french to keep us busy !

I'm looking forward to learn more here and to share my ideas & thoughts with other industry professionals and any interressed folks.

Greetings from Ward in Minnesota, USA

I recently left FindLaw to accept a position as Senior Online Marketing Analyst at Medtronic. Glad to be part of this community.


Hello from Peoria IL

great site.Just found it today.

Greetings from Sofia, Bulgaria

Hi all,

I have been reading this blog for a couple of months now, so I decided it is time to register.

I am doing SEO in Bulgaria for over a year now. I am also a regional editor for Bulgaria at Multilingual Search.

Hello from the coast of Maine

Hello -
I'm a site developer in exile in the wilds of the northeast. I've learned tons from seobook, aarons a great guy. i'm just starting to read TW, looks great so far!

Hello from the UK


Been lurking for a couple of weeks now. Found my way here via a post on WW, I'm suprised how many names I recognise!

Been into websites for about 5 years, since I built one for my business.

I wouldn't call myself an expert on anything web related, I know just enough html and asp to do what I need to. Compared to the experts here I'm a still a newbie, but I hope to occasionally have something to contribute.

One day at one in the morning....

... I was bumping around in cyberspace and came upon a
question that wanted answered, so I created an account
here to do that thing...

My background includes volunteer tech support for PGP and
other security tools, writing the occasional website, and
doing quite a bit of photo editing with the GIMP. As well
as a half million other useless things.

From time to time I might come up with something worth
posting, who knows?

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