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UPDATE: After a little poking around, it appears the page has been online for some time, though noone i've yet spoken to knew about it. What is New is that ASK are about to launch a PPC Program, it doesn't have an official page yet, but will have a min bid of 10c and will start out with 4 positions but will add a further 5 once they "officially" launch it.

Sorry for the slight misinformation. This stuff is coming in from various sources, most of whom don't want to be named heh...

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Details are not clear at the moment, but Rae tells us that ASK have launched AJInteractive, a series of programs they'd been talking about at the New Orleans wmw show recently.

Im not sure whether the next links are new or not, but i've not seen them before: MaxOnline which is owned by ASK, are also touting a premium end publisher program for contextual ads. You need minimum 500,000 impressions a month to apply.

More details as they come in, if anyone can add more, please do.

Thanks Rae!


about to launch a PPC Program

Are you sure about that? They recently announced that they were eliminating three spots from the AdWords ads they show up top because it was good for the users. Then all the blogs uncritically blew AJ's horn and everybody was happy.

Well, AJ may have lied. What they appeared to have done is removed those three top spots to make room for their premium ads when they have it in their inventory, which is something I saw them doing a few weeks later. Apparently three AJ Ads above 7 Adwords ads is good for the user...

But wait! There's more! AJ is still showing 10 adwords spots, so go figure. Maybe they are only showing seven spots when they have three AJ spots to show? It's all so convoluted trying to figure out what they are really saying.

I just did a search for a travel destination and saw ten adwords plus an AJ premium ad. So did AJ lie about removing three AdWords ads? What happened?

Do you ever feel had? I haven't been looking too hard, but last I saw, AJ was selling premium space up there, that's it. I haven't seen any news about PPC. Is it really going to happen or was this just speculation by Barry Diller? Or something they are said to be planning for an unspecified date in the future?

Apparently three AJ Ads

Apparently three AJ Ads above 7 Adwords ads is good for the user...

But wait! There's more! AJ is still showing 10 adwords spots, so go figure.

maybe they are trying to work the metasearch / missing pieces angle.

try to get PPC ads from a wide variety of resources and then claim better relevancy and better coverage of the web :)

Yea, they are...

They definitely are launching PPC in a "bit". They were very open about that at their booth at New Orleans.

and my source is 100%

and my source is 100% trustworthy. Whether they are telling him the truth is anyones guess, but that they told him they were about to launch PPC is solid...

At some point they have too.

At some point they have too. I can't see them relying on Google Adwords for their revenue forever. If you are going to launch do it while you are riding high, the economy is good, and the new owner has his checkbook out. :)

When will the sale to Diller be final?

When will the sale to Diller

When will the sale to Diller be final?

the Ask purchase and Expedia spin off are both supposed to be finalized this month.

This absolutely has to happen

It's a no brainer that AJ will strike out on their own with their own product, it's a matter of when. So it sounds like this time the rumor may be more than smoke, and that's exciting because anything that helps target a demographic is a good thing.


Interesting to see a PPC programme from them. Will sure test it out.

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