Happy Birthday Amazon

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Amazon 10th Anniversary
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Nice to see the giant of ecommerce all grown up. Amazon are going to celebrate their 10th birthday in big style with a concert featuring Bob Dylan and Norah Jones on 16th.

Apparently Amazon has 50 million customers and they make a profit now so real reason to celebrate, eh?

For those with a hankering for the past, here is the Amazon timeline


makes me feel old, i

makes me feel old, i remember when she was just a tiny little one....

All our yesterdays

Original homepage

I still have my mouse-shaped keyring they sent me when they bought the uk bookstore (bookpages?).

Wish I had bought stock when I had chance (but not the money)

If you had bought 100 shares of Amazon stock in 1997 at $18 a share, it would be worth $39,708 today — a 2,100 percent return.

They're only 3 months older...

... than my (music-related) hobby site. We're also planning a big 10th birthday party later in the year, though I don't suspect we'll have Bob Dylan and Norah Jones (nor the band the site is about!) performing.

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