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BBC Open Source website launches
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The BBC have just launched a new Open Source section to their main site, it's designed to centralize the many projects the beeb release to the community for free - nice stuff...

For the BBC, open source software development is an extension of our Public Service remit. Releasing open source software helps our audience get additional value from the work they've funded, and also get tools for free that they couldn't get any other way. It also allows people outside the BBC to extend projects in such a way that may in future be used in the BBC.


Hope that's not the reason

Hope that's not the reason why they're closing down the Cult section:


This is really fantastic! Some of the code in there looks very interesting.

Brian, I don't see how it is related.

I think brian's just sore

I think brian's just sore 'cos he's a fan of cult :)

BBC makes cut-backs in some

BBC makes cut-backs in some areas, expands in others.

The act of releasing code

The act of releasing code that they are already using isn't really expensive. In the long run, it will save them money because the code will be improved by its user-base without occurring costs.

common sense

returning taxpayers money by offering previously propriatary software and script on an open source license, what a bloody good idea.


you just got to love the BBC these days :-)

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