Best Adsense Formats

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Best Adsense Formats
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Jenstar brings us a nice nugget of adsense gold from the Google Adsense Webinar: The top three ad unit sizes:

No real surprises, but an official confirmation of what the three top performing ad unit sizes are, something that AdSense has not said publicly before.

So to recap, the top three are:

* 336x280 large rectangle (four ads)
* 300x250 medium rectangle (four ads)
* 160x600 wide skyscraper (five ads)

There has been lots of speculation about the best performing AdSense ad unit sizes, and the 336x280 has always been the best ad unit size in my own personal experience. But even the best performing ad unit size will not perform well on a site if it does not suit the page layout.


Depends on site goals

I would have to say that it depends on the goals of the site. If we do a made for adsense site, we'll get 40-60% CTR with 728x90 leaderboards. I haven't ever achieved that with other sizes. For quality sites I imagine the square ads are better for placing them "in-content".

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