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Cash Keywords Free Offer Recap
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Remember we did a little experiment in advertising some months back by giving cool stuff away for free? Graywolf follows up on the CashKeywords giveaway and gives it a resounding hoorah!

I picked out a series of words that tied in nicely with some sites I have, and I wrote 15 new articles. All of the articles went live somewhere between the end of February and the first week of March. After reviewing my stats from March through June, I would have made the $150 back the report would have cost if I had to buy it, and made a profit. In addition, I've also picked up some tips about how to make adsense ads work better. That is something that I am using on other sites as well . So overall I have to give the Cash Keywords product a thumbs up.

It'd be interesting to hear how other fared...


Yes, I'd agree on the value...

So far, one new site two thirds completed.

Two domain sets ready and waiting.

All from ideas sparked by the report. Judging by current traffic I would expect to make the notional cost back rapidly.

Some of the data was a little inaccurate (it looked like lack of quality control on input) but a clear thumbs-up from here as well.

Thank You to Nick and TW members that Participated

Speaking for my partner, Steve and I, it's great to see some feedback on the Cash Keywords' report giveaway we did back in January, and we want to thank all the TW members that participated and Nick, too. We gave out close to $30,000 US in reports! It was quite a privilege to be able to work with Nick and be a part of TW's first promotional venture.

Just a few points I wanted to add....

In January, our popular Mega report had 20,000 results over 25 cents per bid listed and it now contains over 65,000 results (same price) and growing. We go thru and update thousands of keywords a month in our database every month, and the reports are updated accordingly. It's a big job - I know, because I personally work on keyword reports.

Regarding our data, the accuracy of the data is a critical point and getting accurate bid prices is a difficult task. We have strived to maintain the best data possible, and we will be be releasing new products in the near future to address issues important to our users. In any case, I would hope our data today is better than back in January!

Discrepancies in bid prices is a common issue we hear about. Many variables affect bid prices at any given time, including seasonal factors (July vs. November, specific holidays), AdWords advertiser daily budget settings, advertiser overall campaign budget (did it just run out?),etc. For the record, all our bid data and clicks per day data are from Google - not Overture.

For more on the accuracy of our data, you can take a look here:

It was nice to wake up this morning and see the feedback. So thanks Graywolf for following up on this experiment. I hope to see a few other results posts - good or bad! Also, is there something you'd like to see or need help with? PM or e-mail me if you have specific questions - I will take the time to respond. We are webmasters and AdSense users, too, and I strive to work with our users/customers coming from that viewpoint. If you want to make a testimonial we can use on our website, we welcome those as well.

Finally, Nick's ideas to give something away really was Win-Win. I commend Nick for carefully considering how to implement a promotion so it gives something to our community here, and he never made any money from it. These days that's a rather radical idea.


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