Psst, Yahoo! Blog Search In the Works..

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You can't reach it now, but danny points to the BlogPuppyFuckWit™ Steve Rubel who's noticed a previously working url at:

Wooohoo! the power of a major SE on blog search? smashing...

Presumably they won't do it half heartedly and will use their recent aquisition of ping service to power, or at least add to the new engine..

Can't wait...


Online now!

I see it online now...

Watch the comments, Jeremy

Watch the comments, Jeremy isn't a great secret keeper..

That's not nice.


That's not very nice Nick. Steve is a real nice guy... what's with the hate?!

He's a phoney, you know it,

He's a phoney, you know it, and i know it.

I dont' hate him, but i do think he's a phoney.

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