London under Terrorist Attack

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By now there are most likely few people that are unaware that London was hit by somewhere between 4 and 7 bombs on tubes and busses this morning. Our thoughts are with the families of those that have died, unfortunately the death toll is still rising...

It's all over the news, the most interesting of those stories i saw on the web indicated that security services may have been forewarned

What a horrible day for the UK :(

I know im missing contact with one TW'er, let's hope everyone is safe...


Breaking news told here 1st

Breaking news told here 1st (as I haven't heard it on the radio, tv or any websites yet)

A suspected suicide bomber has been shot at Canary Wharf approx 15 minutes ago. This happened as I was chatting on the phone with a colleague at Canary Wharf

Group claims responsibility

Group claims responsibility - thanks Will O'Hara...

Where'd you hear that Jason? got a link?

Post ammended as no link

Post ammended as no link available but to include details


I see our missing TW'er is logged in, good to see that TallTroll :)

After a strange walk to work

After a strange walk to work this morning to say the least - I have to now try and work out how I am going to get out of London and back home tonight!

LOL, I'm with you Craig

Same strange walk to work experience.... and no idea IF I'm going home, or what

Canary wharf?

Any more details on the Canary Wharf bomber Jason?

I dont' envy you guys at

I dont' envy you guys at all...

Danny has posted a list of news sources for those following the story via web...

Seems the blogosphere may

Seems the blogosphere may have the news first on this occassion:

There is already a blog from Iraq reporting that Al Quaeda have claimed responsibility for the bombings

canary wharf

my friend there is saying no shooting but not giving me any details of what has actually happened..... I'll try and find one of the girlies who will at least tell me the rumours

London Muslim Groups Voice Disgust

Just heard on the radio that the muslim association of britain have expressed their disgust and condemnation of these acts.

Suicide bomber not shot dead

CNN are interviewing an ITN correspondent live now and saying a Met Police press officer confirming that they have not shot dead a suspected suicide bomber.

Suicide bomber

Where did you find that eurotrash? Is it on the CNN site?

Watching CNN

it was a live interview with CNN interviewing an ITN correspondent and they have just said that an unconfirmed US law official source has said there is 43 dead and hundreds injured.

ITN reporting that at least 45 dead

CNN's ticker at the bottom of the screen is saying that the UK's ITN is reporting that at least 45 are dead.

CNN NY: They are also saying that US officials have been told by UK officials that 43 are dead

News conf coming up from Met Police. That is where the real info will come out.


I've been having real trouble accessing the net since the events of this morning...

Anyone else in town having this problem?

Canary Wharf

No more news about this one? Not seen anything on tv or web. SOmeone made a mistake maybe? "Is that a suicide bomber being shot?....oh, no it's just a pigeon."

What a nightmare. I

What a fucking nightmare. I work far too close to comfort to the Moorgate and Liverpool street. We were told to put our blinds up in the office in case of a bomb blowing the windows out.

Not looking forward to a 2 hour walk home :(

Let's hope London gets back to normal quickly and doesn't let this sort of shit brink it down too much.


You all have the support of everyone here in the US - and our condolences, too. No one should have to experience something like this. I feel lucky to have so many friends and colleagues in London, and even luckier to find out after a frantic morning that everyone appears to be OK.

Keep your chins up.

A pretty shocking day,

A pretty shocking day, really. Sincerely hope the death toll doesn't rise much higher.

Unfortunately, extremism exists across the spectrum of ideologies, usually as a minority view trying to usurp a more moderate majority.

my support

My support for those of you in London. Here in NYC the police are out in mass on the subway systems.

Thoughts and

(Just realized I didn't post here.) Thoughts and support from me, as well.

Flickr photo pool wikpedia

Flickr photo pool

wikpedia coverage

I've not delved deep into the pics, so be warned that there *may* be disturbing ones in there eh?

UK Attacks

I'm so sorry to hear of the attacks in the UK, my thoughts are with the victims and their families. To the rest of you all, be safe.

As someone who was brought up in Belfast...

..I know there is very little a free society can do to protect itself from atrocities of this sort.

Mercifully these attacks are very rare, and I say that from the standpoint of someone whose daughter was nearly killed in the Omagh bomb.

You cannot check every bus, every store, every car. In the end, as with the IRA, negotiations will take place and "deals" of some sort will be done. Distasteful as we all may find it, and whatever they say now, governments will in the end negotiate with the terrorists.

My thoughts

are with all of you from the UK.
Take care.

Had another strange walk

Had another strange walk after work, back across London bridege with the thousands of people (and I mean thousands and thousands of people) to Fenchurch street station, where there must have been at least 3,000 people outside waiting to get in - they wouldnt let everyone in or the platforms would have collapsed.

When you see the pictures on the TV and in the newspapers it gives you a short sharp reality check!

Deepest thoughts,

wishes, hopes and supportive vibes go out from myself as well.

In our thoughts....

As an American, I can tell you that you guys are in our thoughts tonight. It is sad to see a good friend experience something like this, but we know you guys will get through it.

Distasteful as we all may

Distasteful as we all may find it, and whatever they say now, governments will in the end negotiate with the terrorists.

this makes it sound as though governments aim to actually represent their people. the more fear uncertainty and doubt that exists in the plebian class the more power the governments have.

today was some sad news :(

hope not too many people were hurt bad and not too many families are suffering

my condolences

my condolences to families and friends of people affected by this cowardly attack on people going about their business - I hope the media are sensitive to their emotion.

As said elsewhere - the people hurt by this are like all of us, with hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future. A sad day in the UK.

Support and condolencies from Denmark, too

Harming civilians is simply not an acceptable way to promote a cause (any cause, even "war on terror").


What an awful thing.

My thoughts are with all our UK friends.


My mum travels through Kings x stn daily, I managed to get through to her mobile at 10am ish yesterday and was obviously very relieved to hear that she was on a train homeward bound.

When a thing like this happens so close to home, it really really does make you stop and think.


Also noticed people yesterday registered domains like

If ever there were candidiates for googlebowling....

those domains are close to the top of the list, Adam

depends what they do with them surely?

they might set up an anti-terrorism peace campaign with free assistance for victims of violence.

Hmmm not sure about that

Hmmm not sure about that Gurtie, although I would like to think the same. From the WHOIS:

This domain is for sale!
64 Prospect Avenue
Edison, New Jersey 08817
United States

Registered through:
Created on: 07-Jul-05
Expires on: 07-Jul-06
Last Updated on: 07-Jul-05

Administrative Contact:
xxxxx, xxxxxxx

This domain is for sale!
64 Prospect Avenue
Edison, New Jersey 08817
United States
7326031410 Fax --
Technical Contact:
xxxxx, xxxxxxx

This domain is for sale!
64 Prospect Avenue
Edison, New Jersey 08817
United States
7326031410 Fax --

Domain servers in listed order:

>> they might set up an anti-terrorism peace campaign

Yup, and they might use the Porcine Air Force hosting service too. I agree that anyone who buys these domains subsequently may do something useful with them, but the original registrant did it for cash, pure and simple, IMO.

I've got no beef with the "topical domain purchase" business model in general, but in a case like this, when someone else might have been able to do something USEFUL with those domains, it comes across as profiteering - unless they are planning to sell those domains at cost to the first person who makes a reasonable case for their use.

I'd be glad to be proved wrong, but I'm not hopeful...

nor am I


And my instant reaction is to go round with a baseball bat, but I just didn't want anyone who happens to read that to go and kill some poor charities website without looking first :)

lets put this into prospective

If you was going to register a domain name relating to a disaster like the london bombing then you would have a live site full of news and information within 24 hours

and not pointing to a holding page with text saying " This domain is for sale!" you want to borrow my baseball bat

I quite agree Mick

If someone was doing that, I wouldn't even object to placing AdSense etc too - so long as some actual VALUE was being provided to users, I see no reason not to provide ads too. CNN for example are running their usual ads on the London story pages, and I don't think that anyone objects to that - I certrainly don't. I know that people have got livings to make, but not EVERY decision should ALWAYS be commercially driven. Even webmasters are human beings.... or we should be

ok, ok, I do agree :)

When I replied I hadn't gone and checked the whois.

Although I think we should accept that not everyone can necessarily get a website up and running with all the bits on it within 24 hours. People with day jobs and frontpage can want to do something good as much as people who understand RSS and css. At least one of those domains looks like a potential good guy to me so I tend to go with innocent until proven guilty when I can.

But as for the one trying to sell the domain; I've phoned 'Fat Larry' and he and the lads wil be happy to oblige. I think they have their own bats Mick :)

OK maybe not a full site

but in 24 hours you could have a holding page on the domain name saying

"Coming Soon - News and Information on the London Bombing"

that would only take a couple of minutes of any ones time and would look a lot more credible than the current situation...

I suggest we fuck 'em - lets

I suggest we fuck 'em - lets wait and see what happnes, form a little group for off-public discussion and anhilate the arsehoes...

Similar happened with a

Similar happened with a number of domains using keywords such as "asianflu" and "asianbirdflu".

A Letter To The Terrorists, From London

What the fuck do you think you're doing?
This is London. We've dealt with your sort before. You don't try and pull this on us.

Do you have any idea how many times our city has been attacked? Whatever you're trying to do, it's not going to work.

and it is continued here.

now that captures the mood

now that captures the mood :)


Eurotrash, that is a quality find. Hits the nail on the head.


I'm not sure this is the place for this discussion Nick but I find that a little over-dramatic to be honest. When people are 16 they either have no political opinion or very strong ones, and normally reactionary ones. When they get a bit older most of them will feel differently. Meanwhile they may talk the talk but they're certainly not all building bombs.

There are just as many 16 year olds of other religions which believe in things I find really offensive. Beating up Muslims because of propeganda being one of them :)

Good point

Im so far removed from london society these days that i find it impossible to judge anymore.

It did strike me as scary, but your point is a good one i think. thanks.

The BBC News website had an

The BBC News website had an estimated 115 million page views, 5 times the average on the day of the London Bombings.

What is interesting is the statistic that can be derived. Get a story on BBC News and expect it to be seen by about 23 million people per day!

On a personal level I want to thank the BBC for making the site stand up to the strain (overall)

Shocking coincidence


The day London experienced it's worst terrorist attacks, Chris Cleave prepared for his book launch. Adverts were printed in morning newspapers and placed in bookshops...some even on the underground. Chris's book, called "Incendiary" tells the fictional story of a terrorist bomb at Highbury football stadium on match day. The advertisers tried in vain to remove the adverts once news broke of the bombs.

Chris is now in a confused state of mind, should he promote his book or not? Is this a similar dilemma to the "Should i go to work on the tube today?", will he be letting the terrorists win if his book disappears from the radar? Let him know what you think.

"Thank you for visiting my website. You can read an extract from my novel 'Incendiary' here. It would help me a lot if you wanted to share your thoughts on the book. Or if you'd like to get in touch, please email me. Best wishes, Chris Cleave. "

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