Do the Blogosphere a Favor, and Shut the F**k Up Please Dan

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Dan Gillmor Wants Bloggers to Sign his Ethics Pledge... Will This Meme Never Die?
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You can't help but like Dan Gillmor. As a journalist, and a pioneer of citizen journalism he's an interesting, nice chap. But what the fuck is this shit? A pledge of honor for bloggers? Honor tags? What kind of mad, grade A hallucinogenic drugs is this boy taking? Honor tags my arse...

Allan Jenkins points it out (i'd skipped it as it has a crap title) and says..

Here at Desirable Roasted Coffee, we keep a pot of Ethics on the stove at all times, so we won't be signing any damned collective pledges or adding honor tags in the near future. No, ma'am!

He also points out in his post that this whole blogger ethics thing keeps rearing it's ugly head - Nick Denton (Gawker) and Jason Calacanis (Weblogs Inc) have both been at it in the past. I had a similar epithetical fit at the time...

He points to Jeff Jarvis' slating of the idea..

He requires us to promise to "work in the community interest." What community? What interest? Who's to say what the community interest is? I can only guarantee that I will post in my interest; whether I post in the community's interest, the community will have to decide.

and the obligatory Steve Rubel blog puppy suck up - for fucks sake, can't this guy stop and think for 2mins? Just because it has the word "blog" in it, doesn't mean it's good Steve - heaven give me strength...

I am throwing my support behind the HonorTag system. I believe that as the majority of Web pages are created by consumers, rather than corporations, it will be harder particularly for those who do not create content to read the intent of its source. This system - while far from foolproof - will make it easier for people to seek out the content from sources they deem credible.

How about, the "BlogPuppyFuckWits" tag?

It's so sad to see grown men make such utter nobs of themselves in their enthusiasm for "a better world" - it's just a bloody website, and people are people - get over it..


Just happy

he started it to be able to hear one of your classic rants. Nice work. ;-)

holy fuckin shit Nick. wow

holy fuckin shit Nick. wow :) nice rant.


IMNSHO (regarding the bayosphere sign-up page linked from the word "shit" in Nick's post), if you're recruiting people for a specific "journalism" project or site (like bayosphere, it seems), asking your writers to conform to a particular set of ethical guidelines isn't a bad idea. If real journalists worried more about ethical guidelines, I think news media would be much more useful these days...

...however I completely agree that the Honor Tags site (which I think should be what the word "shit" is linked to in Nick's rant) is completely absurd.

You took the words right out of my mouth Nick.

Honor tags? Since when did bloggers get drafted into the officer corp?


"accurate, complete, fair and transparent"
according to who? all are subjective. Nice rant though, perhaps we could start the "BlogPuppyFuckWits" tag up. What would really be go if DavidN could put his evil doings to some good and spam the shit out of the proposed tags using his spam blogs, then they'd be really fucked up.

much as this is making me laugh

I agree with Mivox - that pledge seems to be only for people who want to contribute to his site. To be honest its fair enough - his site, his contributors, his pledge.

Agreed calling it a pledge and dressing it up so you can hear the national anthem in the background is a bit ott, but asking people posting to his site to research, give both sides of the story, attribute sources and disclose bias is reasonable isn't it?

What's the problem with it?

It's just a mission statement for people on his blog. States the goals and values of the community. No big deal. You'll probably see this appearing more and more.

onor tags

... here are the links for those who followed the four letter link and just don't get it (as I did).

- introduction - web site

What it is is apparently a set of tags with a predefined meaning that you can put on your musings, like, say "this is journalism". I'm sure none of those tags will be found on CNN stories (or for that matter BBC ones) anytime soon.

However, i find it likely that some amount of product reviews will happen to be labelled "journalism" - oh, and that this phenom will be labelled "spam".

So, if in doubt just look at the tag, right? I call BS.

Always rings alarm bells

"Trust me"
"Why? And for that matter, why shouldn't I have in the first place?"
"Tust me. Because I say so"
"Oh riiiiiiiight"

It's like saying "Don't panic" or "Wet paint, do not touch" ;O)


"BlogPuppyFuckWits tag"

Bloody inspired. Use it instead of "nofollow" for those blog entries you have a low regard for.

EDIT: Conversely, the tag "BlogDogBadAss" for those blog entries you have a high regard for.

Honour is earned, not imposed

and as such, this system is pointless. Those who were going to be good citizen journalists don't need something like this to make them ethical. Those who are going to spam the living shite out of this will do it regardless, so long as they can get their script through the log in process...

I think this is really my

I think this is really my point TT, i did link to the wrong bit for sure - its the sentment that got me really - but what really makes me mad is seeing a good guy be a tit for either a) publicity or b) just 'cos he really believes it.

We know Steve Rubel does this for the publicity, but Dan? I'd have counted on him not being so naive and/or mercenary.

I was going to link to my "bloggers invented the internet" piece, but maybe im way off, i thought it was cool, but noone ever commented much on it hheh...

Dont ever take my opinion as gospel, it's just me, Nick, spouting off :)

>> BlogPuppyFuckWits

Hmmm, for some reason I don't like that "tag" very much.

How 'bout setting up a guestbook, and getting all the GB spammers to fill out the form first. Beats a captcha - LOL

>>all the GB spammers I

>>all the GB spammers

I thought they all died in 2002?


...make that TB spammers then.

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