Click Fraud Tested, Interesting Results

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Click Fraud Experiment
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An experiment conducted by Marketing Experiments titled Click Fraud - Our research indicates that as much as 30% of paid search traffic may be fraudulent (free reg req'd) provides some interesting backup of a recent lawsuit filed against google claiming that up to 38% of clicks could be fraudulent

The experiment found that in the higher paying regions of $1-$2, click fraud could account for as much as 30% of total clicks, but you were unlikely to be hindered by muppet competitors simply clicking away at your ads...


Possibly the best way to see

Possibly the best way to see clickfraud is to be a publisher in the relevant areas you're targeting for PPC.

After setting up some websites targeting specific keywords for natural search, that a client was also targeting for PPC, I was able to warn of specific areas where clickthrough rates appeared unusually high.

Seems to be generally keyword specific, though being able to determine which exact keywords are targeted in any specific industry can be a real challenge.

Of course, as a publisher it's impossible to tell whether any clickthroughs are fraudulent in nature - sometimes its hard not to feel a little concerned with some stats, though.

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