How many Links in DMOZ?

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DMOZ Top Listed Domains
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I can't think of much use for it other than pure interest, but this list of sites in DMOZ, ordered by how many links they have, is pretty neat. Thanks to dvduval over at SEW

Oh, hang on! Here's a use...

Wind up all the whiners that think they need a link from that site heh..


Google doesn't update their

Google doesn't update their Google directory anymore...and hasn't for a long time.

Sad if you think about it...It was such a good idea at the time.

Shame Google doesn't put

Shame Google doesn't put resources into a paid directory of their own with their own human reviewers - not only would it give them a much more dynamic relationship with webmasters, but it would give them a far clearer vision of which websites are working well within Google guidelines - perhaps a way for newer good content sites to get a little attention, rather than being drowned out by more established sites with similar or even lesser quality content.

The general reliance on DMOZ for use in applications, such as the Google Directory, simply creates pressures on DMOZ that it cannot work to - to accurately represent information across all categories in a timely manner on an entirely voluntary basis.

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