Google Won a Click Fraud Case in May

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Google Wins $75,000 In Click Fraud Case
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Google won $75,000 in a Click Fraud case back in May according to Mediapost. I'm surprised it wasn't trumpeted at the time, it's a small case, but anything that might put Google in a good light with regards Click Fraud is good for them, particulary in light of recent click fraud embarassments.

OOGLE QUIETLY WON A $75,000 judgment in May in a click fraud case against former AdSense participant Auctions Expert International and its two founders. Google's lawsuit, filed late last year in Santa Clara County Superior Court in California, charged that the Houston-based Auctions Expert "artificially and/or fraudulently" generated clicks on the ads Google served to the company's Web site.

I wonder if they've had this one sitting there waiting for an ill run of luck, to pull out of the bag and balance the press up a bit?

You've gotta love Google's comment on the case:

"We are vigilant in protecting our advertisers and the integrity of our programs... This lawsuit against Auctions Expert demonstrates the success of our anti-fraud system and that we will take legal action when appropriate."

I added the emphasis...



$50,000 is more money than most people make in a year.

It doesn't make sense for Google to trump up the fact that some third party got away with $50,000 of advertiser money before Google noticed or did anything about it.

Interesting stuff

Funny that this hasn't hit the headlines before now?! As seobook's comments says I guess even though it is more positive than most of the other stories it isn't exactly comforting...

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