Casino's Introduce Mobile Hardware in Vegas

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Even Poolside, Casinos Entice by Hand-Held
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Here's an odd one, they've introduced mobile hardware in vegas that let's punters waste money even when not at the casino - astonishing...

Gov. Kenny Guinn signed a law last month authorizing gamblers in Nevada to play slot machines, video poker, blackjack and other games on hand-held wireless devices from public spaces in casinos. The spaces include restaurants, bars, convention rooms, even swimming pools. Hotel rooms, however, are off limits, to make sure that minors do not get their hands on the new devices, which resemble personal digital assistants or tablet personal computers, depending on where they are being used.


I thought

that's what PC's were for?

I think...

Day trading is a much better gamble. If you lose it is tax deductible. Thurs and Frid I did my first daytrading ever, although I really do not have enough money saved up to really do that. :)

The ONLY way to gamble... is

The ONLY way to gamble... is to BE the House.

The Vegas casinos really wanted a way for players to be able to play their games direct from their hotel rooms, looks like this is it.

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