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Lets start again...
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I've often thought it'd be fun if some accidentally "reset" or "wiped" the internet, i'm sure most sites of any worth would be back up in a round a day or so. Sites that aren't updated would drift off into history and those that have adequate backups would be ok. But what if we completely changed the internet infrastructure?

David Clark, who led the development of the internet in the 1970s, is working with the National Science Foundation on a plan for a whole new infrastructure to replace today's global network.



Is it going to happen? How the hell are you going to get the millions upon millions of people using the current Internet onto a new architecture when the large majority are struggling to adopt the 30-year old version? There's just too much infrastructure to even think about starting again.

Agree mopatop, but these

Agree mopatop, but these things take time right? I'd love to see a reorganizing of the www - a rehash of http would be wonderful, just for starters...

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