Really Simple Syndication = Really Serious Money

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We're off to the races...the first RSS focused VC fund is announced--$100m
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$100 million has just been put into the first RSS dedicated VC fund according to SVW

Jim Moore and John Palfrey have launched RSS Investors with $100m of capital. It is the first VC fund with a focus on Real Simple Syndication, (RSS), the syndication technology at the heart of media technologies such as blogging and corporate news communication.

As Tom says, "It marks a next stage for RSS and how this technology will be used" though personally i can't help thinking there's some folks throwing money at this that don't really understand it..

Im not a biz type though, so you can take that with a pinch of salt...


I don't get it

RSS is just an XML doctype - a very limited doctype at that. What's all the excitement about it? Sure, being able to get news and stuff in a predictable form is nice, but when all's said and done you've still got to visit the damn website to see the full story. Maybe I'm being naive, but the real success story here is XML, not just an XML document with a selection of approximately 5 useful tags.

podcasts and syndication

>> What's all the excitement about it?

... podcasts, other types of "...casts" and various types of syndication of content.

That said, XML is the thing, not RSS. However, applications like feedreaders are built specifically for that simple format, so the simplicity helps in building stuff around the concept.

< --- Just look to the left. Software. Ads. Money.

The rigour of XML is "the real deal" of course, but the main markets are going to evolve around the simplest parts.

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