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Opera Branches Out to Mobile Windows
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Now this is what Opera need to concentrate on in my opinion. Betanews says that Opera will be available soon on Windows Mobile

Despite initial plans to skip the Windows smartphone market, Opera has broadened support for its Web browser onto Microsoft based mobile devices. Opera 8 brings the company's latest browsing technology to the small screen, with support for major Web standards including CSS2, DOM 2 and JavaScript.

"Originally, we had not planned to make Opera available on the Windows Mobile platform, but users kept asking for it because they were disappointed with the far from satisfactory performance of the browser that came shipped on their devices," said Opera CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner.

Good stuff


Not just soon, it's

Not just soon, it's availible on Windows Smartphone 2003 Now!

I have to agree this is an

I have to agree this is an important niche for Opera to pursue. They have been good at making browsers that run on very little RAM for a long time and would seem perfectly suited for this.


In the meantime, Opera for Symbian (Nokia, SonyEricsson) seems to have been neglected. Opera 6 is as good as it gets ...

Yeah, I'd agree jetboy, from

Yeah, I'd agree jetboy, from what I've heard, Symbian is pretty strong in the mobile sector, with some manufacturers purposely going for non-MS stuff.

Still Smartphone2003 is a decent addition anyway.

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