Apple CarPlay Transforms Into an Actual iCar

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Is this the final reach that sinks Apple, cutting into their $180 billion in cash, or is this the leap that puts Apple over the top with one of the first fully functional automated cars. Project Titan is a reality and might just slip itw way into the elctric car market in the very near furture.

We laugh, but people actually bought the smart car who paired with Mercedes-Benz, and we know they're a very successful car manufacturer. Although the Smart car wasn't the smartest thing you could purchase, it serves its purpose.  Maybe BMW or Volkswagen will pair with Apple to create the new Apple car. CarPlay is already a real thing and has been introduced to many of the leading manufactures and even integrates with aftermarket car stereo manufactures such as Pioneer. It will probably have a sticker price of $100,000 but with a Verizon or AT&T contract it will be about $199.

The onion highlights some of the key features of the new Apple car like the newly innovative windshield featuring four times as many pixels as reality. The downside is that it cracks easily but the upside is it typically still works fine afterword begging the question, Is a windshield even necessary?


Hope for the future

Thanks for the info!

This is great news for consumers and the planet!

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