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Yahoo! UK editor says newspapers aren't trustworthy
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Yahoo! UK news editor Simon Hinde slammed print media, saying "Young people are leaving newspapers in droves because print news isn't trustworthy" at a business school yesterday.

He went on to say

It's vanity on the part of newspapers to push a particular political view. Facts are distorted to fit a particular view of the world and they don't give a dispassionate view of events

There are some very interesting quotes in there about online news aggregation in general also...


interesting times...

Odd to see such innocent thinking from inside Yahoo!, but comforting. If the politics hasn't hit the top 3 news sites on the web yet, I am surprised.

This argument is easily flipped around by savvy marketing. A tool that makes it easy to publish is also easy to skew. At least we know where the NYTimes gets it's bias... If 10,000 webmasters seem to have a bias, can we know?

We have a long way to go. Suggesting that freedom of web publishing leads to less bias is very, very naive. Kinda like suggesting that Google's natural SERPs reflect relevance.

Suggesting that freedom of

Suggesting that freedom of web publishing leads to less bias is very, very naive.

It could suggest a wider variety of bias. Which is usually a good thing, although sometimes that can be bad too, if it causes people to learn about and join religious cults and military groups that kill lots of people. Then again there are ads to join the military all over TV and I have even seen some join the US Navy ads on SEO forums.

I also believe many people are unaware of the biases they read or see, or many of the biases they have in their own mind from day to day. The web does make it easier to burrow lots of biases into your life if you want to hold your head under a rock and only reenforce that which you already know to be good and true, but it also gives the ability to question authority and collect a ton of feedback cheaply.

Many of the major news programs are citing blogs. There must be some reason they are doing that.

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