DMOZ Taking Expired Domain Info from Google?

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A friend of mine spotted some new additions on his dmoz editors controls, namely the introductions of expired domains information that almost certainly has been given to them by Google. The implications are numerous, the quote below says it all.

This domain will become AVAILABLE by 5 Jun 2005 and may then be hijacked. Be very careful before accepting it back into the directory. For more information, see the expired domains page

I don't believe Dmoz have the resources to mine that kind of data themselves, though it may well be possible. If Google is giving them tools to better qualify their data, it may suggest they're leaning more heavily on ODP...



Tools for finding expired domains are numerous

Plenty of products exist to ferret out expiring domains on Yahoo and ODP. I find ads for their stuff clogging searches for DMOZ that I do now and then (but that's how I found this entry of yours, Nick). is one of the spammy results I get with Icerocket.

ODP has a number of editors with access to serious computer power and they put it to use to work to keep ODP free of domains and web pages that are dead, unavailable, or expired.

Don't think that these editors are able to catch every domain that lapses, but the system does catch some as you have learned.

I honestly don't know exactly what tools are being used to make lists of domains that need to be pulled, but why wouldn't Google (and others who use the data) wish for ODP to be as free of dead sites as possible?

>>but why wouldn't Google

>>but why wouldn't Google (and others who use the data) wish for ODP to be as free of dead sites as possible?

Precisely, and hi kc, long time no see around these here parts :)

That message seems unlikely to have come from a "spammy tool", my point really was that if Google can do that, and have given it's use to DMOZ, what implications may it have?

That sounds great

Nice tool to make DMOZ' job a little easier. Sure, there are online tools, but this sounds faster and easier. (No, I'm not a DMOZ editor.)

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