Yahoo! is Evil?

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Just Checking… Yep, Still Evil
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After coming under fire for bundling it's toolbar, Google will be pleased no doubt to see Yahoo! under very similar fire, for exactly the same thing. According to Coolz0r, the Yahoo! toolbar is being bundled with Macromedia's Flash, and users are not being given an opportunity to NOT have it installed....

I have nothing against their (Yahoo) services, but I'll go there when I need them. I'll download it if I feel like it, and I'll use it how and where I please. At this time, I'm pretty confused about Macromedia's possible motivation to jam this piece of malware down my cable and even more, to install it on my pc without even bothering to alert me that in order to get the flashplayer, I will be needing the Yahoo toolbar.

Nathan Weinberg says what clearly needs repeating about bundling

I can’t say this enough: Bundling is evil. There is no scenario in which I download or install one program and want another. If I wanted it, I’d say so. What does Flash have to do with a browser toolbar, or a DVD player with desktop search? Bundling is evil, and it needs to stop.

I agree, wholeheartedly.

From what i can gather, this is some kind of special 'stand alone' player, this did not happen to me when i recently upgraded Flash on Windows, and it would be nice to have it confirmed if anyone's familiar enough with this stuff?


Adobe Acrobat as well

Didn't Adobe force this bundle into Acrobat Reader upgrades as well, whereby you could refuse the reader update, but not the Yahoo toobar.

I just stopped upgrading Acrobat as a result... and I think that they have unbundled it.

This would be interesting as it would suggest that the bundle with Flash could be Adobe inspired

recently (re-) installed flash

...for IE, XP. I removed it entirely some time ago, but unfortunately I had to get it back in order to be able to use some ****** site that could have been built in standard HTML with no loss of features. Nevermind..

I did see a notice about the Yahoo Toolbar on some page or other, but I did not install it along with the Flash player, and I was not forced to do so. I think I just removed a simple checkmark or something.

Yahoo Toolbar

I have a stand alone player for non-IE browsers, to have Flash installed. This player has the option to deselect a ticked box that says the toolbar will be installed. However, the upgrade I underwent here was fully automated and did not ask me at any point to have the bar installed. It just came with the player, no questions asked.

This upgrade was for IE, and the stand-alone player is specifically for other browsers, excluding IE.

Yahoo still with Acrobat

I couldn't upgrade Acrobat on a client's machine last night as I was forced to install the toolbar. Never went ahead with it as a result.

The acrobat force-install addition

must be fairly recent then, as I installed Acrobat (reader) 7.0 on here recently, as there was distinctly an option not to include the Y! toolbar (which I chose not to install). I've installed Professional more recently still, and that didn't force me either (And rightly so, given its not free)

Macromedia Flash Cookies

Well, you'll no doubt be interested to know that a new type of cookie uses (as I understand it) Flash to install itself on your computer. Here's a link to the Macromedia Flash Player Settings Manager.

I used it to delete my Flash-based cookies some time ago; I see I now have more. :(

Ah, here's the setting: Allow third party Flash content to store login information and other information on your computer. I cannot seem to uncheck the box.

Well, you'll no doubt be

Well, you'll no doubt be interested to know that a new type of cookie uses (as I understand it) Flash to install itself on your computer

I think this is the same as the Shared Objects we talked about a while ago; though correct me if I'm mistaken.

Im pretty certain it is

Im pretty certain it is wibble, the good news (for some) is that there's a firefox extension to deal with the little buggers...

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