The BBC interviews Excite Found, Joe Kraus

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Lessons from Silicon Valley
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John Kraus was the founder of Excite and Aunty have interviewed him.

It makes for some interesting reading.

An interesting piece of the article is:

Lesson two says: the internet is a new sort of market place that needs new business plans to make it work.

Look at the online store, says Mr Kraus.

Only 40% of Amazon's revenue comes from the 125,000 books stocked in an average Barnes and Noble shopping mall store.

The other 60% of cashflow comes from the now famous "long tail" - hundreds of thousands more books that Amazon has found a way of distributing economically to customers who seek not the best sellers but a very precise title probably very obscure to most people and most shops.

Now this is quite similar to this previuos thread but collectively they make for some interesting, thought provoking, early morning reading.