AOL's New Portal - Beta

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AOL Unwraps Its New Portal
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Like kelsey, i'm a bit late with the news that AOL have launched a beta of it's new portal, apparently all of it's features are not yet present, but it doesn't look half bad...


and traffic is fair-to-good.

and traffic is fair-to-good.


How do you know that RC? From referrals to yoru web sites?

Yeah, about 5k uniques so

Yeah, about 5k uniques so far today on this particular site. I don't check logs often but was wondering what effects the neural msn algo might have had, the increase of aol versus a month ago was obvious. But, to keep this in perspective, aol referrals aren't even in the same hemisphere as msn and google today.

pretty but....

Attention Firefox Users:
Currently AOL Radio does not support Firefox. Please come back next month, when Firefox support will be available.

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