Book Publishers want Answers from Google

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Publishers' Group Asks that Google Stop Scanning Copyrighted Material for 6 Months
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The Search industries super librarian, Gary Price, picks up on a story in the Chronicle of Higher Education that says that the Association of American Publishers wants a six month halt on GOOG's scanning of copyrighted materials....

They feel that Google have not answered their questions to their satisfaction, not to mention a letter dated June 10th sent to el-goog CEO Schmidt.

Allan R. Adler, vice president for legal and governmental affairs at the publishing group, said in an interview on Monday that the association made its request in a letter, sent June 10, that stopped short of calling for a "cease and desist" of Google's Library Project.

"We've simply asked for a six-month moratorium to facilitate discussion" in an environment "where there isn't going to be the tension of ongoing practices that some of our members may object to."

The "let's just ignore it and it will go away" approach is cleary not working with everyone...


U.Michigan's agreement with Google is amazing

Everyone should read Google's confidential agreement with the University of Michigan. In addition to the very real threat that publishers face, there are other issues. Google is claiming copyright on its digital copies of the public-domain material it scans. The University will get its
own copies of the digital files, but they are severely restricted as to how they can use them.

Read all about it at

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