Threadwatch to Launch Interactive Ads Next Month

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Following a discussion with some of the Threadwatch members last week, i've put together a brand new advertising spec for Threadwatch that will begin in July...

Bye Bye Adsense...

There are three simple components to an interactive ad:

  1. A 150x20 Graphical Ad on the left hand column of all pages (in random order), excluding subdirectories. This ad will link directly to the discussion. NB: Although very few do it, it is possible for Threadwatch members to turn these ads off.
  2. A Teaser, not more than two lines, that will be placed underneath every post on Threadwatch. The teasers work the same way that the graphical ads do, they are shown randomly in order to give all advertisers equal exposure. Like the graphics, some members may choose to switch these messages off.
  3. A Thread posted in the sponsors section of Threadwatch that users can comment upon, and advertisers can answer questions and discuss. Please see the specifications and nitty gritty for details.

The threads themselves have some game rules to abide by, and are not promoted to the homepage. They do however work quite normally on the recent posts list and well thought out, engaging topics will naturally get more exposure as members comment upon those threads.

Do let me know what you think of the new system...


Where might one find stats

I'm curious about impressions, etc. I am not sure if you want to make these public? Maybe privmsg?


Looks good idea

Particularly interested to see how the threads work out :O)

Im not sure that's a great

Im not sure that's a great idea Roscoe, TW is rather specialized - although the figures ain't too shabby, we're not talking huge figures. topping at about 6K with average of 3 page views per visit according to Awstats this month and about 9K/30K on webalizer...

It's not a very accurate metric :)

The important thing is WHO is visiting i think...

>> The important thing is

>> The important thing is WHO is visiting i think...

Oh yes. Got a good cross section of opinion formers here

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