Threadwatch gets it's very own Rival!

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Competition is good. It looks like the boys and girls over at Search Guild have started a site very similar in nature to Threadwatch:

Good luck with that guys.

You can grab the feed here...


heh heh

I'm not sure 'rival' is the right word - we're a bit more... er... pythonesque, than TW.

Complimentary perhaps? ;)

>>pythonesque, That'd


That'd work...

If you need a hand with any of the drupal stuff, just give me a shout..

I have to say

Drupal is very cool.

Perhaps complementary vs

Perhaps complementary vs complimentary? Or maybe both?


Now Im going to have to go create a new site to filter through all of the news that all of the news filtering sites are posting. :)

>Now Im going to have to go

Hehe, I can see it now:-


Hey Nick, how do we create an empty Post Title again? I forgot!

imitation is a sign of quality

(no I'm not really talking about scrapers here, he)

Nice site, though. Kind of funny too. At least I think so. Those pictures of people digging a hole in the ground were awesome *LOL*

>> have to go create a new site to filter

It's called a feed reader - I've got one myself, but I'm not really using it. Much like bookmarks; you put it there so you can come back later, except "later" never seem to change to "now".

Speaking of Feedreaders, I

Speaking of Feedreaders, I just recently started using newsgator for outlook. Its friggen great.

Even still though its nice to just read a few sources for your news rather then pulling 10-20 different feeds. There are a couple of sites that I check religously, but like Claus says, I dont tend to read all of the feeds, all the time. I tend to stick to the few that I know will always have new and interesting posts.

With that being said there will always be demand for sites that do the filtering for end users. Most People just dont have the time to do it themselves. It's just like radio stations. I dont listen to 20 stations to get a song here and a song there, that I like. I find one or two stations that play the most of what I like and stick with them.

Newsreaders are great for those that have time, or for those that are news starved, but I think most people are happy with just visiting 1 or 2 sites to get their news.

I use Opera 8

Opera 8 has a great internal feed reader: allows you to subscribe to fees and to set how often it checks them for new posts; notifies you when there are new ones; you can read the whole thread/post or (if the site only puts summaries in the feeds) the summary snippet; always includes a link to the page. Much more convenient than visiting each site throughout the day.


who's the smartarse? :D


Were you referring to me? I was just stating how I keep up with a number of sites via their feeds.

not unless

you changed sex :)

(if *ahem* GoogleGuy could PM me please...)

Got the IP?

Maybe Nick can compare it with his 'list'

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