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I'm not keen on seo blogs. Weird eh? SelfSEO is worth a peek though, it's completely new to me, and i think i found it via Philipp Lenson but i couldn't swear to it and can't be buggered to verify it....

It's a bit basic, but fast paced and really quite interesting. Get the feed here..

On a side note, the post that i found via some blog was all about linking slow for Google, in light of their recent(ish) patent - (suckers!). Isn't it odd that these "search engine blogs" will link to other blogs, and treat them as authority, but they seem to have no interest, and no knowledge of the real info powerhouses....



So why is there an article about Fiber Optic Cable on an SEO/webmaster's site?

Well, while not necessarily

Well, while not necessarily defending the site, we do post a whole bunch of not specifically 'seo' stuff here too....


It's in the "Internet" section. Seems a bit dodgy and unrelated to webmastering and SEO. Not sure on this one, Nick....

I understand

Yes, I understand Threadwatch covers a variety of stuff -- I'm saying this other site seems a bit dodgy on first glance. Not you. :)

Faire enough. I dont' always

Faire enough.

I dont' always call it right - but for what it's worth, im subscribed untill given good reason to ditch it - i kinda like it...

you know, there's something

you know, there's something weird going on here....

7 new posts since i last looked - all of them more than one liners?

(Ahem) Uh, it ain't really a

(Ahem) Uh, it ain't really a blog.

It's just a collection of articles, just about what it says it is. Want a quick link? Submit an article.

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