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Barry and the boys and girls at SE Roundtable are taking nominations for Best Search Forum. For my part, I'd like to nominate Webmaster World for it's outstanding contribution to linking, it's support of blogs, and it's unwavering good natured community spirit...

So, best forum anyone?


For those not in the know,

For those not in the know, let me explain the blogs bit...

On wmw, you're not allowed to link to blogs. This is old news for many, but was restated a month or two back by brett.

Google have a blog, Yahoo has one, fuck, everyone has a blog, but you're not allowed to link to them, not even the official SE ones. This rule is broken frequently, but the official line is "no linking to blogs"...




That is why the conversation is shifting elsewhere.

Nice work Barry, that award does indeed work on so many levels. :)

(And Gurtie already got the link drop in I see. Good gal that. hehehe) ;)

Best in which way?

Best is such a subjective term, and only works in a context of being best for something.

Best reach? Has to be the biggest ones.
Best look? Best advice? Best white-hat supremacy? Best tolerance? Best what?

We need some criteria, perhaps a breakdown, so a different award for community feel, advice quality, participation quantity, etc.

Cre8asite has the best bearded admins by miles.

I think

an award for the most bald guys in a forum should be considered...

That's why he delinked a GG

That's why he delinked a GG post at WMW then, I guess.

Btw - I met Brett at SES London, and asked about the Threadwatch domain transfer issue. He didn't want to answer and I didn't feel like pushing it. Nothing new on that?

wmw = sef = ?

wmw = sef = ?

Ammon - Criteria After Nomination

First we nominate blogs to enter the contest. Then we vote on specific criteria.

I will weigh the criteria and judge who is the best overall and on every criteria.

No blog flogging at Cre8asite

Why, not only does Cre8asite have its own blog (when one of us remembers to post it in), a whole bunch of us who work there have blogs and are happy to share the love. For the clueless who have never visited, there is even a blog forum at the forums. We serve blog kool-aid.

As for the best beards, um, I shaved mine off years back. Or, is this possibly too much information?

Don't forget the JD

Cre8asite has the best bearded admins by miles.

And the biggest fans/drinkers of JD ;)

Should that be wmw=sew?

Okay I believe the life has been squeezed out of WMW by their over sensitive linking and anti spam policies - but what I see with every other forum is them going the same way.

If you reach a critical mass you attract a critically dangerous mass of spammers etc

As for linking to blogs WMW has their policy 90% correct as 90% of blogs have no more value than the ravings of your average Bedlam patient.

I'd agree that forums have

I'd agree that forums have lost a lot of value for me personally. Not to dismiss the great work that they do over at Cre8 but they are in general a bit dull for those people who actually know something about the subject. Repetitive threads on the same old subjects, with the same answers do grind you down a bit. I personally rest easy in the knowledge that I am never going to see a TW story entitled ‘Help. I’ve been dropped from Google’.

A format like TW keeps you focused on current events and news commentary, crucial for those working in this field and WMW has a reason to be worried if their professional audience leaves for this.

Sometimes the value you get

Sometimes the value you get out of a forum, Kino, depends upon the value you put into a forum. :)

and sometimes the value is indirect

I've found business partners, clients, good deals, loads of info and friends at SG, certainly not all of it SEO related but it more than makes up for my share of answering the "yes google is dancing, I suggest you ignore it" threads.

No one forum can do it all, otherwise we'd all still just be the first place we found, but the newby forums create all of the others - where did most of you lot meet for example? You may have moved on but the next generation of SEO's is probably over there asking silly questions right now.

WMW, don't knock it..

ThreadWatch readers may not spend vast amounts of time at WMW. We may feel that its full of teenies asking the same damn fool questions week after week. We many be put off by their linking policy. but..

...I would hazzard a guess that when it comes to something like Google update Bourbon (and look at who gave it the name), then even most of the hardened readers here will have snook a peek at WMW.

The webs favourite PR man, old GG himself hangs out there, even when on holiday. He continues to be BT's biggest draw. And at the end of the day, WMW has bucked the "bell shaped curve" that it was on last year, and is now booming (thanks to a good shot of Bourbon)

Name of the game is to make money, so BT's making it by the bucketful, so he is sucessful!

As far as I can see WMW

As far as I can see WMW makes money only through the conference and sponsorships.

No ideas what kind of revenue/profit that brings in, especially compared to the hosting and maintenance bill WMW creates 365 days a year.

So I couldn't say how profitable a venture it is? It does keep BT high on the radar though which would be good for his other businesses.

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