Forum Sig Links, Only Knobheads need Apply

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Forum Links Useless? - Examining Link Spam Techniques Mentioned in Google Patent
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Barry has the skinny, not to mention the well written summary of forum opinions on the dreaded forum sig link. I however have the stupid, headline-centric, knee-jerk driven drivel on same topic....

Wankers. No, really. All of them.

If you're idea of SEO is participating in as many forums as possible that allow a spiderable signature, i hope to god you're not actually charging clients for services...

Whaddaya reckon, full of shit or bang on? (my thoughts i mean...)


Forum sig link can have

Forum sig link can have value for direct click throughs. This is primarily going to help the small time webmaster with hobby sites or niche players on niche forums.

If they are using it for link pop they are a wanker.


It's not without value for sure..

I had a bunch of them (and a few i've still to remove) to kick TW off. With a community based project they can be invaluable.

time = money

I think the click value is far greater than the seo effect from what I have seen.

the points that often gets missed with sig links SEO are that people forget that making junk posts for sig links makes them look lame, and that time has value. So many useful things you could do instead of posting for links. Make a few better posts and maybe the forum owner gives you free sitewide links, for example.

having said all that, I know some people who even created fake geocities sites to deep link into their post pages on otherwise unspiderable forums just to get a few more links.

I think when they were using those sorts of techniues search was less advanced, they knew nothing about the value of SEO, and they did not value their time much.

when you are new to SEO forums can help you learn a bunch though. and if you actively participate you can make many friends, but if the intent is a bit shady then some people might be offended and mention it.

Bang On

I don't participate in any fora that allow sigs. Something about clutter. In fact, there should be a grassroots movement to reduce clutter on the web and forum sigs are a good place to start. ;)

Then again I don't visit any fora that have blinkenlichten, makes my eyes start spitzensparken. Moderation is good in all things. As for sig links being effective SEO, I'd lump them in with ROS links. Really old shit.

Then when I see a bunch of "Me too" posts with 160 character sig links, I always think "AOL!".

Anybody remember Nigritude Ultramarine

Maybe so and you want to forget it. But, some of the participants used signature links in mass in order to help rank for that term. It was like this large forum effort where people donated their sig links to the cause. I think one site garnered over 10K sig links eventually. At that time it did help I think somewhat but eventually didn't do anything later as the competition progressed with the bigger and better ways to raise ranks. It was pretty clever though, and maybe the only good use for sig links. Community involvement and click throughs.

Nick, also I wrote the piece on SEroundtable (phoenix). Barry's and my posts get mixed up sometimes. :-)



Sorry Ben...

That happens here all the time too. People don't tend to look at the author so much in this slightly faster paced environment we're operating in now....

Sorry mate :)

Ben is the man

Ben writes the good entries, I do the "filler" entries.

Forum Sigs

I find them usefull... for tracking down and squashing little pricks.

It all depends on how much you're paying

Forum links give decent traffic on a short spike basis - whether they have real long term benevit I would greatly doubt, but if you can gain a couple of hundred visitors per day out of them the cost benefit analysis starts to look positive.

fora that allow sigs

I don't participate in any fora that allow sigs. Something about clutter. In fact, there should be a grassroots movement to reduce clutter on the web and forum sigs are a good place to start. ;)

Luckily most forums allow you to switch off the display of sigs, avatars and/or images. Or are the people that have sigs offending you more than the sigs themselves.

PS: TW once allowed sigs, funny how no-one used one here... not even people who happily show their signatures elsewhere.

That's cos i used to remove

That's cos i used to remove them and pm the person and ask them nicely not to do it :)

We've always had a no sigs policy, but for ages i couldn't work out how to disable them (had to hack the system to do it..)

very professional eh? hehe!


...and there I thought that people were being modest over here. Still, I think that most were/are.

There was a funny suggestion on SEOChat that newbies - instead of NOT being allowed a sig for 90 days - should have a "forced" sig showing ads for the forum owners. That would reduce the 'need' for ads in between posts...

I do it, but not for SEO... one forum where I post. In honesty the forum is quite cluttered anyway, but thats part of its character.

Its very different to SEO/web discussion. The sig includes a link to a blog I set up thats bang on target for the users.

In all honesty, I'm not sure whether I want search traffic to my blog, but users of the forum (I think) will (and know many do) enjoy using the blog. (Most of the forum doesn't get spidered anyway, I dont think)

So in that sense I think - in the right place, with the right audience - forum sig's like these add something.

"Intent" is a word thats often used with regards to SEO techniques that SE's may find dubious.

I think intent is also a relevent consideration for forum sigs.

Certainly, I wouldn't do this where it wasn't welcomed, and if I my motivation was commercially lead, then I would have zero credibility on the forum.

I'm thinking of starting a

I'm thinking of starting a newbie forum. No posts allowed, just sigs and avatars.

FAQs in sig

SEOChat is one of the forums that gets a lot of newbies asking similar questions. I've actually made a page/site that covers most of those, and put the link in my sig. Great time-saver. Of course I also added a vanity link and the other was a prize for a silly contest.

I once put up a sig banner (LOL - there was no rule against that) but they didn't like it. It was quite decent though, and a very small file size. Ah well.

PS: LOL rc!

No posts allowed, just sigs and avatars.

You had better get it going quick, somebody will make a fortune with that one.

Mind you I am convinced that I have seen a number of forums just like that.


OK, maybe that'd be a little too limiting. I'd probably have to add a "Review My Site" forum.

plus go wih standard phrases

you could cut down a lot on the effort people had to take to make posts with just a few auto phrases.

Initial suggestions;

*is [insert method] illegal?*
*where can I report [insert url] for spamming?*
*is Google dancing?*
*how many PR5 links does it take to get a PR6 site?*
*I have just signed up for a [insert topic] affiliate scheme - please provide me with a business plan for free*
* :) *

*I sent my site to dmoz

*I sent my site to dmoz [insert number. YEARS only please] years ago, when will it be listed?


I never saw that buduglly site before.... :D {goes off to get a mop just in case}

PS: I actually made a set of bookmarklets that allows me to insert commonly used texts in vB forum posts. It's a good thing I rarely (have to) use them. Apparently the amount of 13-in-a-dozen posts to respond to with the same answer every time is still within reason.

>buduglly A true classic. I


A true classic. I believe these archival versions of past BU sites are much scaled down from their original horrific glory (I recall a multi-page version of the one I linked.)

My eyes hurt and I can't

My eyes hurt and I can't keep from crying.

An old art director friend of mine is looking to get into web design, just shot buduglly off to him so he can get some advanced design tips.

"Makes my eyes bleed!" as

"Makes my eyes bleed!" as oilman once said of a reviewed site.

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