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FM Financing
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John Battelle closes a round of angel funding for his forthcoming blog ad network....

I'm proud to announce that FM has closed an angel round of financing featuring an extraordinary lineup of investors. Omidyar Network led the round, with The New York Times Company and Mitchell Kapor, Andrew Anker, Mike Homer, and Tim O'Reilly also participating.

Congratulations John!



Funding for a blog? Am I the only one who haven't got a clue?

Blog ad network A

Blog ad network

A (presumably) contextual, ad network aimed at blogs :)

*lol* thanks

should learn to read *everything* in the OP before I start thinking - and then finish thinking before I write :-)

it's actually more of an advertising network I think...

I saw john speak and it seems he is not going to be publishing blogs, but rather representing groups of blogs on a non-exclusive basis. So, for example, he might sell advertising across ten sports or technology blogs. Sort of a better version of Blogads "group" buys.

Thanks Jason, i must confess

Thanks Jason, i must confess to not following the news on this very much, just waiting for it to really kick off...

I've never heard of

I've never heard of that..what is "angel funding?" What does it mean? (I can't find it anywhere..)

An initial small round,

An initial small round, typically not more than a few million (i think). To get it started, the next step is real VC funding of multiple millions..

I wonder...

If they'll pass link pop.

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