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SEW member promediacorp asks if what people think of buying text links on eBay. It never even occured to me that you might find such things heh.. but apparently you can! This strikes me as a somewhat hit and hope approach, but i wondered if anyone here had any experience of buying text links this way?


probably not the best spot

probably not the best spot to buy links IMHO

not that I do lots of link buying / renting, but I would prefer something specialized like what is offered in some of the directly sold ads on ThreadWatch. of course I do know the owners of all three of those advertised sites, which probably makes it easier for me to trust them.

Like Aaron, there's

Like Aaron, there's something about the whole text link buying concept that requires a bit more trust than an eBay seller's rating.

I agree entirely, i know all

I agree entirely, i know all the advertisers here aswell, and I'd far sooner buy links from them than some stranger on eBay...

Nick / SeoBook -- great.

Nick / SeoBook -- great. You've just convinced me about who I should be talking to in New Orleans about handling some inventory. :)

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