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Dennis Hettema of OP3 that we talked about last year, a mobile tech company based in Netherlands, has launched The site promotes a free (for non-commercials) technology to create real world barcode-like hyperlinks that can be used by cameraphones to link consumers to web locations...

From the how they work page

The circular sequence of black and white blocks represents a url, any url you want, for example to your products website or a point of sale. The ShotCode reader understands this code and connects the end users mobile phone to your location in three clicks or less


End-users download special ShotCode software on their cameraphones. When they scan a ShotCode, the software contacts our servers and identifies the right url. We then broker a connection between the phone and your server, meaning neither you nor the end-user need to do any of the hard work.

Interesting tech no? First thoughts are that it might need a little tweaking if it takes a punter 3 clicks to reach the url, and that one company "brokering" the connection is not the greatest indication of long term success for a system such as this, but with a few choice deals with handset/software vendors and it could well take off...

Good luck Dennis!



Looks exactly like Bango Spots, which I thought were very cool. It's a matter of spreading the word, and more importantly, the code reader software as much as possible.

Obviously, if a deal with the handset manufacturers could be reached to bundle the software with all new phones, this thing could really take off.

Bango spots were developed

Bango spots were developed by of which we purchased all IPR and software a couple of months ago. So you've spotted this correctly. :) Spreading the ShotCode reader is our core focus.

Nick, thanks for the post.


If you find those interesting, you might like the idea behind Grafedia.


Hi Dennis, good to hear straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. :) When I saw the icon for the reader software on my phone and it looked exactly like the Bango one, I was wondering what the story behind the whole thing was.

Good luck with the venture, and expect me to use ShotCodes some more once I actually get around to make a decent mobile phone friendly version of my site. :)

(Thinks about sending in a picture of the shotcode poster in the office to get a free T-Shirt...)

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