Google's Spyware-Like Bundling Tactics

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Winzip, RealMedia and others bundle Google tools
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Betanews are reporting that Google have undertaken partnerships with various software companies who are bundling Google tools with their applications.

In a marketing tactic used primarily by spyware and adware companies, Google has begun bundling its Google Toolbar and Desktop Search software with the popular WinZip archive utility. The move comes as Google begins to expand its bundling effort with a number of leading software applications.

If it smells like Gator, walks like Cydoor, waddles like Ask Inc then must it be a spyware puddling Google?


Worth remembering that

Worth remembering that Yahoo! do this also The difference is that the Yahoo! toolbar is far less offensive...

Google, Google, Google

You disappoint is in more ways each day. :(

Soon the few people that

Soon the few people that they haven't managed to piss off in some way should be sending them really good data ...

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