Washington Post Dumps Google for Yahoo!

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WashingtonPost.com Says Goodbye to Google and Hello to Yahoo
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The Washington Post have given Google the old heave ho and are replacing adsense and "comparable services" with Yahoo! Search Marketing products according to Forbes.

Under the possible deal, Yahoo! would provide search capabilities and associated sponsored advertisements for The Washington Post Web site. Previously, Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ) had provided comparable services to The Post. "Although we do not believe this shift will have a material impact on either company's financials, we think it underscores the increasingly competitive environment in online search services," S&P Equity Research said. The research firm maintained a "hold" rating on Google. "Our opinions on Yahoo! and Google in part reflect their diversification beyond the Internet search segment," S&P Equity Research said.

Gary says he started noticing the swapover last week


Death of a thousand cuts

If you subscribe to the Death of a Thousand Cuts Theory, this might be just one cut, but it's a good one and Google will feel it. Good job, YSM.

I agree, this is a good thing..

Competition is always a good thing, and frankly, Google needs more of it.

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