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The Open Rank Project Part II
Story Text:, the initiative to create an open source link popularity analyser we told you about a little while back has lunched today...

The project was was started by Todd, aka Stuntdubl, and i'd urge those with an interest, particularly those with programming skills to get involved, it could be a real cracker of a project!

Grab the feed here


Thanks Nick

Thanks for the mention Nick. I actually got the idea from Chris Cemper and Rand, and just tossed up the domain. I think this would be a cool project for the SEO/SEM community, I'm jus' puttin' up a place to talk about it.

I guess we're jus' kinda in the recruitment/ brainstorming phase. We'll see what happens with it if folks really wanna give it a go. I'm jus' throwin' this out there, and hopin' some other folks will really grab it and run with it.

I'm still figurin' out drupal, so I appreciate your help.

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