Scoble Calls for link Bombing

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Scoble Calls for link Bombing
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Microsoft geek blogger Robert Scoble calls for a Google link bomb to "teach" UPS's CEO to respect bloggers.

But, here's the rub: UPS is #1 on a Google search for "Shipping."

So, let's try a fun little meme. Let's link to FedEx with the word "Shipping" in the link. Like this: shipping.

Let's help Robert Manning, the UPS executive, see the business value in joining into the blog world instead of fighting it. Let's link to his competitor and see if we can move FedEx up the Google list.

Remind me why when SEO's do this we're the scum of the earth, but when bloggers do it it's "a fun little mem"?



...because bloggers invented the internet, that's why.

look it's clear

if a guy writes a well thought out and informed article which includes outrageous comments like

What I love about blogs is the authenticity of voice, how they further democratize web publishing, and how they provide more relevant information through contextual links. What concerns me about blogs is the signal to noise ratio -- do we really need all these niche, special-interest blogs, or will it become increasingly difficult to find relevance amidst the seas of personal web journals (or diatribes) without much to offer the broader constituency?

(wash his mouth out) then he's anti-blogging.

Obviously the best thing to happen for the blogging world is that more and more companies start totally pointless blogs simply because blogging is the new buzz word and even when their business is unsuited to a corporate blog. I mean clearly blogs can only be good.

Also obviously anyone who says "look, blogs are good but actually you don't need one if it doesn't add anything to your business" deserves to be taught a lesson.

So a lesson he must be taught - after all he "took a swing at bloggers". It must be this nasty bit that did it;

What I propose for those in the digital marketing realm is to stop chasing the latest fad and concentrate on the inherent utility of the medium. Digital marketers need to get back to the fundamentals: What are the inherent qualities of digital marketing that warrant an even larger share of the overall marketing spend? Digital marketing is non-linear, interactive, targetable, measurable, and most important, user-initiated -- it puts user choice and personal preference at the forefront of the experience.

Heresy! Burn the witch!


wow, news travels fast - I was just reading another blog which noted Scoble had been updated and he has indeed crossed it out :)

still the whole blog thing is weird

Yeah, UPS's director of interactive communications, takes a swing at blogs.

But, here's the rub: UPS is #1 on a Google search for "Shipping."

Is the inference there that you can only be #1 for a keyword by the grace of bloggers?

Blast, we shouldn't p155

Blast, we shouldn't p155 them off then.

PS. I like a bit of an occasional g-bomb* to prove a point. Especially to prove it to people with big mouths and/or narrow views ;)

* and it wasn't really a call for a g-bomb, more like a request for people to put up advertising for a competitor... No slander/libel or anything.


Is it a bombing if you're pushing a site's ranking for an objectively relevant term? Why doesn't he show UPS the power of the web by making them #1 for "oops" (the correct pronounciation of their name)?

who's really missing the point here?

So we're going to show someone the business value of blogs by dropping a G-bomb? That's like showing someone the business value of an automobile by doing doughnuts in the parking lot.

Scoble's readers deserve credit here for reigning him in.

Bit Of A Stretch

To call that a "meme" to begin with. More like a knee-jerk reaction to an incorrectly perceived, (and non-existent) insult of blogs and blogging. What would Scoble do if Google showed him the power of a search engine that doesn't like to be gamed and simply pulled his site(s) from the index? Would there be a righteous outcry?


I guess it is (was) a power battle ;) Who's bigger: a well-known company or a well-known blogger? (I'm avoiding the term well-respected here)

As I hinted at earlier - I just love those kinds of displays of web power - as long as I'm not the victim of course hehe. And as long as there's not TOO much mud-slinging and stuff...

>knee-jerk reaction to an

>knee-jerk reaction to an incorrectly perceived, (and non-existent) insult of blogs and blogging

without said reactions might someone lose a bit of their pull? might they be playing naive, knowing that they are playing into the blogs are important story with each and every move, only to further justify the next paycheck?

Scoble is generally on the

Scoble is generally on the right track, but he's become somewhat silly over the whole blog thing, along with his new best mate Steve (and if you need a demonstration of false, mercenary salesmanship on the web, that's your boy..) These guys really do need to shut the fuck up and talk about what they know as opposed to what they think is trendy...

Everyone's a fucking search expert, and everyone worth his suckety suck suck salt wants to be a digital media commentator, wankers, all of them....

This would solve the whole problem...

A major Google crash, the way that the dot-coms crashed five years ago, would solve a lot of problems by increasing the signal-to-noise ratio on the web. We'd see a dramatic increase in intelligent discourse at the very same time that the interest in Google is decreasing.

Best thing I have read in a while...

Everyone's a fucking search expert, and everyone worth his suckety suck suck salt wants to be a digital media commentator, wankers, all of them....


not everything that's wrong with the world can be traced back to Google, Everyman.

And I thought

Google had fixed the problem of 100,000's of blog links :)

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