Technorati Redesigns, adds new Features

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Meet the new Technorati
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Technorati has a beta of it's new look out with a host of new features as well...

Niall Kennedy provides the details

  • Technorati blogs! Yes, it's true. Technorati is a blog search company yet had no blog. Now we have two: one for the main site and one for developers.
  • Snazzy new tag pages full of Ajax goodness. Related tags, photos, and links all load after the rest of the page.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds for tagged posts! This feature has actually been available for a few months but never exposed. We do not include the feed as a link alternate because it is not an alternate representation of the full page, just one portion of the page.
  • Web-based watchlists for everyone who is confused by orange buttons or has no idea what RSS means knows how to visit a page to view new items, just like e-mail.
  • Staff page. Meet the people who work on Technorati every day.
  • Track popular movies.
  • And more...

I must say, i love the new look! Very clean, very spiffy...


Ohhhhh... nice html too!

Ohhhhh... nice html too!

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