Google Pulling Click Fraud Ads?

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Where did all the ads go?
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Allowing the Search Engine / Pay Per Click companies to internally audit and set spam thresholds is a conflict of interests. What they deem as "tolerable fraud" translates into Millions of dollars added to their bottom line. That's Millions in stolen money out of your pocket.

Looks like someone is feeling the heat. :)

SEW noticing it too :)


Absolute power etc...

The worlds largest media company goes further down the slippery slope.

They'll be rewriting history next

WSJ article?

It might be coincidence, but this morning's Wall Street Journal carried an article "Web Start-Ups Vie to Detect Click Fraud."

Nothing in the article that is new to us. Most striking thing to me was the placement; not buried inside, but right side, above the fold of the second section, which is tech & media on Thursday.

A point made at least twice in the article was how both G and Y, while acknowledging that there is click fraud and that they do have systems in place to detect it, refuse to say anything else about the problem.

It goes on to say that both G and Y "are open" to working with third party fraud detection services. Not much further along it then states that since the SEs won't provide advertisers with any details it makes "it hard to reconcile analyses performed" by these third-party services.

As for why G pulled the click fraud ads I can think of two reasons. One, G might be trying to limit their advertisers spend; after all, one day of accelerated clicks after a WSJ story can quickly deplete an account. Or, the "it's all a big conspiracy" reason, which I'm sure we'll hear in many different versions in the next couple of days.

back up...

Funny I've been watching the thread about this over in SEW and I saw Adwords rep poking in and out. Then all of a sudden G shows the ppc ads for the fraud terms :)


Fraud Ads Back Up

The ads are back... guess Google was adding a filter or something ... but they are back!

In regards to Click Fraud

In regards to Click Fraud software mentioned in above article

How much of a benefit are they to advertisers? Do you think they pose much of an impediment to clever Click Botters?

Part of doing business

Though it will eventually be brought under some control, right now it is part of doing business and is factored in the CPA... so long as the CPC allows profits it will keep being added in and everyone will wait for those few that spend the time and money to clean the fraud and temporarily lower prices... they would soon be bid back up in my opinion.

I guess I don't understand

why people keep working with a company that continues attempting to steal their money and customers...

There are other alternatives.

If I ever had to work with a company where I had to hire another company to watch them so they did not steal me blind, I would find another company to work with...


Who are you talking about here lots0? If Google how are they stealing customers???

why people keep working with

why people keep working with a company that continues attempting to steal their money and customers...

Even with fraud factored in there is still money to be made....good enough reason?

There are other alternatives.

Such as?


AdWordsRep at SEW puts it down to a glitch, which also apparently affected keywords such as "funeral":

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