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Scoop! Smile for the Google 3D mapping truck
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Tom says he has the scoop on "Google 3D". A plan to map the streets of major cities, starting with San Francisco, using a specially equipped truck and 3D imaging technology....

It's just whacky enough to be true...


I can be believe it! I just

I can be believe it!

I just hope Google start to license some of this mapping technology. Even in it's current form Google maps is leaps and bounds ahead of other mapping providers.

There are lots of overnight

There are lots of overnight millionaires at the Plex post-IPO. These will include some of their top search engineers. Now that they've got a few quid they are probably bored of working on search and want to focus more on 'fun' and 'wacky' things like this. The more the better I say. Put on all your top boys on this kind of stuff IMO. Less of the top people on spam prevention the better! :)

That Cityblock project has

That Cityblock project has been around for a while, and it's one of the interesting things that Google has been helping support. There does seem like a chance that they could incorporate some of that into their maps. Sounds like it's happening here.

Another technology that is interesting, that has a loose connection to Google, and Google maps is the Gigapxl Project. Google doesn't own it, and hasn't funded any of it, as far as I know. But one of the participants was one of the owners of Keyhole before Google purchased it.

The Gigapxl pictures are amazing. Probably much too costly for a project like this.

Wouldn't you have multiple runs with trucks, so that they could map the cities in parallel, and work around some of the obstructions that may get in front of buildings? So, how would you keep these maps fresh, and up to date?

At least Googlebot doesn't have to worry about a bus getting in its way when it crawls a site.

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