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XMLSub - Universal Feed Subscriptions and Shared Reading Lists
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For those that like to follow the RSS evolution, or like me, just like to play with stuff, keep an eye out for XMLSub. The best i can give you is an educated guess as to it's purpose. From what i gather it's kinda like a bookmarking service for feeds, allowing you to import/export OPML in order to share.

I think that one's going to be big, but more importantly, useful...


Bookmarking feeds

I'm also watching this one closely. David Galbraith (creator of Wists) is behind it, so it should be interesting.

As for bookmarking feeds, Feedmarker has done that for a long time. As it also lets you view/export OPML for any user/tag combination. So if you want the latest feeds and bookmarks from Feedmarker in the tag 'google', just try .

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