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A quick roundup of some things that have been passed by over the last couple of days: Firstly, Jen reports on some changes to the Adsense for RSS format and sightings of Mirago's new contextual stream program.

Meanwhile, Blogads have been busy creating networks within networks. The idea is that they allow their 700+ bloggers to form networks amongst themselves and thus grouping their audiences better for advertisers. Kinda neat, provided it's monitored closely..

Lastly, somewhat late to the party, but well positioned to make a grand entrance into the fray comes John Battelle with talk of a new contextual ad network launch later this year.

Anything i've missed?


Still waiting on the Yahoo

Still waiting on the Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) news. They are slated on the panel in New Orleans, so maybe there will be something more concrete then. (now owned by Yahoo) is testing YPN - and they seem to be running both YPN and AdSense in rotation, I am guessing to test and compare the two services before YPN goes into true beta or the actual launch.

Mirago is showing up on a few more beta test sites with a different ad unit format (resembles AdSense even more closely).

AdSense for RSS is popping up everywhere, so they are accepting a lot (all?) of those who are applying for it.

I think that is all the latest, but I am still recovering from Threadwatch and SES London ;)

Thanks Jen, personally, i

Thanks Jen,

personally, i can't wait to see YPN. I think the relevancy will likely suck at the start, but i fully expect 'features' to outshine adsense in many ways...

Relevancy isn't really an issue

The targeting isn't too bad with the YPN ads from what I've seen, but I imagine they are doing a lot of tweaking at the moment.

Plus, AdSense is really stepping up the game by releasing plenty of new features and doing upgrades to current ones, so that could have something to do with the delay as well.


Anyone wanting a good contextual advertising feed (UK market) should check out Nixxie. This company is run by boys who have been round a long time and know what they're doing. Many of you will have met Satish at Threadwatch event. PM me if you want an introduction.

Ah, so that's how you spell it

Didn't get a card off him, came back and tried a few spelling variations, gave up. File under 'fine once you know it'.

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