PHP is 10yrs Old Today!

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A Decade of PHP
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The worlds favorite web programming language, PHP is 10yrs old today! Did you know that 'PHP' originally stood for Personal Home Page? Yeah, they realized it sucked and changed it to the PHP Hypertext Preprocesor, which still sucks...

Congratulations to Rasmus and all the developers that have worked so hard to make PHP my most valued tool...


ahhh I remember it

ahhh I remember it well.

Hasn't she grown up to become a beautiful thing. It has to be said though I do prefer her cousin PERL :)

I don't remember it - can't remember anything between

can't remember anything between the ages 21-24 :-)

"worlds favorite"? *snort*

Heh, it's good, but it's not *that* good ;O)

I remember trying php3 I think, it was 1997/1998 anyway, and only reason I tried it was my friends darren and maxine were both toying with it (and this database called mySql which sounded a little too much "my little pony" for my liking, heh) and I helped them out with some errors they had. Found it ok but not as good as my then fave (perl). It has come a long way since then and I use it about 1/3 of the time but I am a microsoft boy ever since 1983 (pop-quiz, guess the language *grin*).

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