Fear of Shared Hosting.

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The myth of the shared server and Google ?
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Having read the thread on fear of linking on TW, here is another from the same stable at WMW on shared hosting. The gulf between myth and fact is fueled by Google's reluctance (as far as I am aware) to pronounce definitively on the issue. Like so much on the web, you pays your money and makes your choices. Certainly the posters at WMW are not unanimous on the solution for themselves.



I'd no sooner share an IP than a condom, personally...

I have been penalized

by association once ($earchking).

Once bitten, twice shy...

I always recommend dedicated IPs to clients and I ALWAYS use them myself.

I always recommend dedicated

I always recommend dedicated IPs. Although I hate to just eat up all those IPs and class C blocks. I think IPs become more important with networks though. The search engines are forcing everyone to use dedicated IPs, this is another way G in perticular are shaping the web.

According to rules set by ARIN (the agency which administers the allocation of IPs), you will also need to state the reason you require a dedicated IP. You should only need them for nameservers, secure certificates (SSL) and anonymous FTP.

Oh, and dont forget they are useful for spam ;)

hmm, I always like shared

hmm, I always like shared hosting to mix in with crowd. My logic was if I ever came under hand review my potentialy spammy site would look ever so more like an SEO site if it was the only one with that IP #.

shared hosting isn't bad, it

shared hosting isn't bad, it just depends on what you want to accomplish with your site. besides urls get blacklisted fastre than ips do.

dedicated IP

I agree with the dedicated IP argument, although there is still an inherent risk with a shared host I'd hope that I wouldn't be banned due to others as all my sites at my new host are on the one dedicated IP, sure, one of my sites could potentially harm the others, but I'd hope not :-)


Different strokes
All eggs in one basket
Test Test Test

Choose a platitude from the above ;O)

Probably 85% on dedicated

Probably 85% on dedicated IPs, 15% on shared to 'blend in with the crowd' as graywolf points out. The main thing is not just spreading the IPs but also the hosts so that there's no pattern relating to nameservers, network paths, etc.

I would imagine it's going to get harder to get IPs. I've noticed that some hosts that previously handed them out readily are asking for further justification. Another good reason to grab as many as I can now

I would imagine it's going

I would imagine it's going to get harder to get IPs ... Another good reason to grab as many as I can now

preach it from the mountain tops :)

fear and loathing

So along with people afraid to interlink their own sites, we have people who KNOW that unique IPs are better, and they purposely toss in a certain percentage of shared IPs because if they come off looking TOO knowledgable, it will make them look suspicious.

Somebody's looking in this fishbowl and laughing their asses off.

worse things happen at sea

So, kids behave, or shared hosting is coming to get you... shared hosting might be hiding under your bed, even...

A dedicated IP was an advantage once upon a time when search engines didn't speak HTTP/1.1 - now they do. End of story.

I always want a cigarette

I always want a cigarette after shared hosting.

A dedicated IP was an

A dedicated IP was an advantage once upon a time when search engines didn't speak HTTP/1.1 - now they do. End of story.

I agree. Technically it's not an advantage. The reason we elect to use dedicated IPs is simply because it's hard enough stopping your own sites getting killed, let alone having some other bastard on the same box taking you down.

Also, most big sites are on dedicated IP anyway because they are only site on each dedicated box. Plus, an IP costs bugger all anyway so you may as well use them IMO.

another reason...

One issue that comes up alot for me is competitive research. Shared hosting vs. dedicated IP, okay, but what if you share the IP with your other sites?

Time and again the best info comes from a whois lookup on IP and neighboring IPs. Best scenario seems to be for SEos to also be hosting resellers with alot of miscellany scattered onto those IPs as shared (real or not).

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