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The people that bought you Optilink, one of the more popular link analysis tools on the market have launched a blog called Optismarts where they will answer customer seo questions. They've also started promoting a new series of seo videos...

Im more than halfway tempted to take a peek...




I like Optilink and own it myself, but I can't say much for the answers to the questions that are there at the moment. For example:

In fact, beyond the title tag, Google does not appear to care about on-page factors at all. At Google, linking is king.

Because the engines do not appear to use the alt text of an image to influence Link Reputation, the image link serves to dilute the reputation of the targeted page. I would always make these nofollow links and provide a separate text link

At Google, the on-page density carries almost no importance. As long as you get the keywords in the title tag, just about every other aspect of ranking is Link Reputation analysis or PageRank.

Can I create VARYING text links to my index page to make it rank for multiple searches?

That would be diluting, not strengthening. Strong reputation is where all the links say the same thing. If they say different things, it weakens the original reputation in return for, equally weak, reputation on the additional terms.

Will I be penalized for linking to non related sites?

All outboud links are evil (because they bleed PR), but generally a necessary evil, and where they go does not in the least matter.

I think it's obvious from the above quotes that whoever wrote this has a lot to learn about SEO and that newbies reading these "answers" could very well end up getting their sites hosed.

man those answers do sorta

man those answers do sorta suck. I didn't really look at those that well. I assumed they would be decent due to OptiLink.

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